The 20 Best E Ink Tablets for 2023: Get Your Dream Tablet Today!

Best E Ink Tablets For 2023

E-Ink tablets are innovative display devices that simulate the appearance and tactile experience of paper. Unlike conventional LCD screens, they offer a sharper, more comfortable reading experience and reduce glare, minimizing eye strain. So, are you looking for the best E Ink Tablets for 2023?

These tablets excel in note-taking and writing, providing a near-authentic pen-and-paper feel without compromising quality or accuracy. Moreover, their extended battery life often surpasses that of most laptops.

Benefits and Features of Top E Ink Tablets in 2023

Best E Ink Tablets

Before we get into the review let’s learn about the benefits of Top E Ink tablets.

Seamless Note-Taking

E Ink tablets offer a convenient and comfortable writing or drawing experience. Their precise input, often accompanied by a stylus with pressure sensitivity, mimics the natural feel of real ink and paper. These devices boast low power consumption, allowing for all-day use without recharging, making them perfect for on-the-go note-taking.

Some models even include layers for easy “erasing” without smudging, ideal for intricate drawings. E-Ink tablets cater to writers seeking an authentic handwriting experience.

Ideal for Reading

E Ink tablets cater to avid readers, featuring text-to-speech capabilities for audiobooks. Their high contrast and low blue light options facilitate extended reading sessions with reduced fatigue. Innovative technologies, like Onyx Boox’s Infinite Refresh, ensure smooth page transitions and reduced glare, creating an enjoyable reading experience in various environments.

Additionally, their impressive battery life, lasting several weeks on a single charge, makes them travel-friendly and perfect for extensive reading.

Perfect for Note-Taking and Writing

E Ink tablets provide an exceptional note-taking experience with low glare, antibacterial displays, and pressure-sensitive handwriting recognition. They enable precise diagram drawing, easy highlighting, and swift language or font switching. Digital pens used with E Ink tablets are lightweight and comfortable, reminiscent of classic pen technology.

These tablets also reduce eye strain, keeping users’ eyes fresh and focused during extended use.

Extended Battery Life

Renowned for their long-lasting batteries, E Ink tablets are a top choice for frequent readers and note-takers. Their batteries can endure up to two to four weeks of regular use, surpassing traditional tablets. Devices like the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra and Amazon Kindle Scribe offer remarkable battery capacities, leading to extended use and reduced charging times.

Eye-Friendly Displays

E Ink tablets prioritize user comfort, offering a paper-like reading experience that reduces eye strain. Studies show that reading on E Ink tablets can reduce eye strain by up to three times compared to printed paper. This feature is particularly advantageous for tasks involving intricate text or images, such as reviewing documents and books with detailed illustrations and tables.

Furthermore, E Ink displays, free from LED backlighting, offer a comfortable viewing experience throughout the day, making them ideal for readers needing sustained focus during work or learning sessions.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an E-Ink Tablet

When you’re in the market for an E-Ink tablet, several crucial considerations should shape your decision. These include the tablet’s size, display quality, writing experience, app and software compatibility, customer support, and your budget.

  1. Size and Display Quality: The size of the E-Ink tablet plays a pivotal role in your overall user experience. Smaller tablets are ultra-portable but may pose challenges in terms of readability on certain models. Conversely, larger tablets provide ample space for writing or drawing but may be slightly heavier. Additionally, a high-quality display is paramount. Current models boast brighter displays with enhanced resolutions, often reaching up to 300 PPI (pixels per inch).

  2. Writing Experience and Note-Taking Capabilities: E-Ink tablets are celebrated for their precise and responsive writing experience, designed to simplify note-taking. The stylus technology on these devices replicates the tactile feel of a pen or pencil, making jotting down thoughts effortless. Lightweight designs ensure comfortable reading through notes when required. Furthermore, the best E-Ink tablets for 2023 incorporate software features such as auto-correct functions, multi-color annotations, and audio recordings with transcripts to text, enhancing the user experience. Modern E-Ink tablets also come equipped with advanced features like AI-based search options and multiple levels of zoom for quick access to your document library or notes.

  3. Available Apps and Software Compatibility: Software compatibility and the availability of apps are pivotal aspects to consider. E-Ink tablets support a wide range of compatible apps and software that elevate functionality, boost productivity, and can be tailored to individual needs. Popular applications like Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) simplify note-taking at work or school. Additionally, powerful tools like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom can be utilized on E-Ink tablets when paired with the appropriate stylus pen, allowing for on-the-fly photo and graphic editing. Online services like Google Drive offer seamless cloud storage and access to files from various devices, providing users with flexibility.

  4. Customer Service and Support: When choosing the ideal E-Ink tablet, customer service and support are as crucial as any other feature. Effective customer service aids in troubleshooting issues, delivering software updates, and addressing questions or concerns. Subpar customer service can lead to frustrating user experiences. Opt for an E-Ink tablet from a company that promises accessibility and dedicated technical support available around the clock. Ensure the company provides clear instructions for adding new apps or installing software upgrades to keep your device up-to-date with the latest technology.

  5. Price Range and Budget: Finding the perfect E-Ink tablet to match your requirements doesn’t have to strain your finances. There’s a wide array of tablets available to accommodate different budgets. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to nearly a thousand, contingent on the features you seek. For instance, the Kobo Elipsa 2E bundle, including a stylus, is priced at $399 and offers numerous high-quality features like an 8-inch HD display and 32GB storage capacity. Conversely, lower-priced options can still deliver crisp text resolution and excellent battery performance, as seen with Amazon’s Kindle Scribe, available at $249. To ensure you get value for money, consider comparing prices between retailers, with Amazon often offering competitive pricing.

20 Best E Ink Tablets for 2023

E Ink Tablets

Now it’s time to discuss 20 reviews on Best E Ink Tablets for 2023

Onyx Note Air 2 Plus ($449.99)

The Onyx Note Air 2 Plus is an Android tablet with an E Ink screen, earning accolades as one of the best E Ink tablets in 2023. It boasts a high-resolution E ink display, improved finger trackpad navigation, and a lightweight design, ideal for comfortable reading during long journeys.

The Plus model offers an optional stylus for precise note-taking and sketching. Users appreciate its versatility, catering to reading, writing, and drawing needs, along with its build quality and customizable software for a tailored experience. Furthermore, it boasts excellent battery life, making it an excellent travel companion.

ReMarkable 2 ($304.43)

The ReMarkable 2 is a perfect choice for note-taking and writing tasks. This innovative E Ink tablet weighs less than a pound, ensuring portability for on-the-go use.

Apart from its sleek design, it stands out for its premium writing capabilities. Particularly suitable for students who take extensive handwritten notes, the ReMarkable 2 offers a highly responsive interface for comfortable extended use. Additionally, it digitizes all notes and documents, ensuring easy access and organization, and its long battery life ensures uninterrupted usage during long days.

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C ($600)

The Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C stands as a top-tier tablet in 2023, featuring a 10.3-inch color E Ink display and a substantial 128GB storage capacity.

This cutting-edge device excels in note-taking and drawing, with pressure-sensitive technology ensuring precise and speedy scribbling. Its user-friendly interface allows seamless transitions between drawing and note-taking modes without losing any content, promoting efficiency.

Amazon Kindle Scribe ($339.99)

The Amazon Kindle Scribe is the latest e-reading device from the renowned e-commerce giant. It offers a slim and lightweight display for comfortable reading with minimal eye strain.

With support for popular reading apps like Amazon Kindle and Kobo, users can access thousands of titles. It also provides basic note-taking capabilities, including scribbling and highlighting, making it suitable for students and professionals. Moreover, it offers excellent value compared to other E Ink tablets on the market.

Ratta Supernote A5X ($415)

The Ratta Supernote A5X is a 10.3-inch tablet designed for excellent writing and note-taking capabilities. It comes with pre-installed productivity apps like Notion, Inkpad, and Notes Plus to enhance productivity.

Despite lower hardware specifications, the device delivers decent performance, offering smooth transitions when scrolling and navigating documents. With various RAM and storage options, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a USB-C port for easy data transfer, it’s an efficient and reliable choice for writers.

Sony Digital Paper DPT-CP1 ($599)

The Sony Digital Paper DPT-CP1 stands out for its large display and exceptional note-taking capabilities. Featuring a 10.3-inch screen, it offers ample space for reading and writing, making it ideal for professionals, students, and creative individuals.

Its lightweight design and minimalistic style ensure easy portability. The tablet provides a natural writing experience with palm rejection technology to maintain precise notes. It digitally stores all notes, eliminating the need for physical notebooks, and offers long-lasting battery life for uninterrupted usage.

Boox Nova Air ($449.99)

The Boox Nova Air is a versatile E-Ink tablet designed for a balance between reading and note-taking. With a 7.8-inch display, it offers a compact form factor while providing a comfortable reading and writing area.

Running on an Android-based operating system, it allows users to install various note-taking apps for different tasks. The responsive stylus ensures smooth and accurate writing and drawing. Its lightweight design makes it highly portable and user-friendly.

PocketBook InkPad X ($365)

The PocketBook InkPad X is a notable E Ink tablet offering a spacious 10.3-inch display for immersive reading and note-taking experiences.

The tablet supports various e-book formats and features a user-friendly interface for easy navigation through digital libraries. Its stylus compatibility enhances note-taking precision. While it may not have advanced features, its focus on providing a comfortable reading experience makes it an excellent choice for avid readers and note-takers.

Supernote A6X ($345)

The Supernote A6X is a compact E Ink tablet with a 7.8-inch display, catering to users seeking a smaller, portable device for reading and note-taking.

Despite its smaller screen, it delivers reliable performance, thanks to pre-installed productivity apps, various connectivity options, and a user-friendly design. It’s a suitable choice for those who prioritize efficiency and portability.

Likebook Ares Note ($319)

The Likebook Ares Note is a versatile E Ink tablet with a 7.8-inch screen, offering a balance between note-taking and reading features.

Running on an Android-based operating system, it accommodates various apps, including note-taking applications. Its responsive stylus ensures accurate writing and drawing experiences. Its compact size and portability make it a practical tool for both work and leisure.

Sony Digital Paper DPT-RP1 ($699.99)

The Sony Digital Paper DPT-RP1, a predecessor to the DPT-CP1, is known for its large 13.3-inch E Ink display and exceptional note-taking capabilities.

With a focus on productivity and note-taking, it offers ample screen real estate for extensive tasks. Its stylus provides a natural writing experience with palm rejection technology. The tablet digitally stores all notes and offers a long-lasting battery life, making it a top choice for those demanding a larger display and advanced note-taking capabilities.

Boox Note Air ($499.99)

The Boox Note Air is a versatile E Ink tablet aiming to deliver a premium reading and note-taking experience. Featuring a 10.3-inch display, it offers a balance between spaciousness and portability.

Running on an Android-based system, it allows users to install various note-taking apps. The responsive stylus ensures accurate writing and drawing, while its lightweight design adds to its appeal. Though it may not have the largest display, its versatility and portability make it an excellent choice.

Remarkable 1 ($599)

The Remarkable 1, also known as the Remarkable Paper Tablet, is a reliable choice for those seeking a dedicated digital note-taking device.

With a 10.3-inch E Ink display, it offers ample space for writing and sketching. Its lightweight design ensures portability for professionals, students, and artists. The stylus provides a natural writing experience, focusing solely on note-taking and sketching tasks.

Lenovo Yoga Book C930 ($999)

The Lenovo Yoga Book C930 is a unique and versatile E Ink tablet with a dual-display design, featuring an E Ink display on one side and a full-color LCD on the other.

Its 10.8-inch E Ink display provides space for reading and note-taking, while its Windows operating system offers access to various productivity applications. The E Ink keyboard adapts to various tasks, serving as a keyboard, sketchpad, or digital note-taking surface. The stylus ensures a responsive writing and drawing experience.

Dasung Paperlike 253 ($1,799.99)

The Dasung Paperlike 253 is a specialized E Ink tablet for users requiring a large, high-resolution display. With its massive 25.3-inch screen, it’s one of the largest E Ink tablets available in 2023.

The tablet excels in tasks demanding extensive screen real estate, such as reading large documents, reviewing plans, or annotating diagrams. Its high resolution ensures sharp text and images. While not highly portable, it caters to specific needs for a large and high-quality E Ink display.

Boox Max Lumi ($879.99)

The Boox Max Lumi stands out for its exceptionally large 13.3-inch display, offering a spacious canvas for reading, note-taking, and creative work.

Running on an Android-based system, it accommodates various note-taking and drawing apps. The responsive stylus ensures precise writing and drawing, and its relatively lightweight design makes it portable.

Kobo Elipsa ($349.99)

The Kobo Elipsa is a unique E Ink tablet designed for avid readers, integrating note-taking seamlessly. With a 10.3-inch E Ink display, it offers ample space for both reading and jotting down notes.

The tablet supports various e-book formats and syncs note with cloud storage services for easy access and organization across devices. Its portability makes it a convenient choice for readers who value integrated note-taking.

MobiScribe Origin ($250)

The MobiScribe Origin is a straightforward E Ink tablet focused on note-taking and sketching. Featuring a 10.3-inch display, it offers a comfortable workspace without distractions.

The responsive stylus ensures a natural writing experience with palm rejection technology. Its slim and lightweight design enhances portability, making it suitable for users seeking a dedicated note-taking device.

Fujitsu Quaderno A5 ($649.99)

The Fujitsu Quaderno A5 is a compact E Ink tablet with a 10.3-inch display, balancing portability and screen size for note-taking, document annotation, and reading.

The tablet’s responsive stylus provides accurate writing, and its long-lasting battery ensures extended usage. Its slim and lightweight design adds to its practicality for on-the-go productivity.

PocketBook InkPad 3 ($199)

The PocketBook InkPad 3 is a dependable E Ink tablet with a 7.8-inch display. While not the largest, it offers a comfortable reading and note-taking experience.

Supporting various e-book formats and featuring an intuitive interface, it facilitates navigation through digital libraries. The stylus ensures responsive note-taking, making it a practical tool for jotting down notes and annotations.

Notable Omissions and Alternatives

Some notable alternatives in the E-Ink tablet market include PocketBook e-readers, Kobo e-ink tablets, and color E-ink tablets.

PocketBook E-Book Reader

The PocketBook E-Book Reader is an affordable E-Ink tablet that provides excellent value for its price. Featuring a 10.3-inch HD display, it’s suitable for both reading and note-taking, allowing users to view multiple pages at once with its segmented page layout mode.

While it offers features like annotation, bookmarking, and adjustable font size to enhance the reading experience, it lacks built-in drawing capabilities found in more advanced tablets like the Onyx Boox Note Air 2 Plus or Amazon Kindle Scribe. Additionally, it currently lacks app compatibility options, making it less versatile than some of its competitors. However, when it comes to pure reading functionality, the PocketBook E-Reader performs exceptionally well.

Kobo E-Ink Tablets

Kobo has been a leader in digital reading since 2007, and its range of E-Ink tablets upholds its reputation. These tablets feature clear, crisp text, making them ideal for avid readers. They offer long battery life, ensuring uninterrupted reading marathons, note-taking capabilities for studying or creative writing, and advanced hardware for swift navigation through book collections.

The Kobo Sage boasts an extensive library of eBooks and audiobooks with adjustable text settings. For those seeking an exceptional tablet for pen use, the Kobo Elipsa 2E is highly recommended, thanks to its high-accuracy WACOM technology screen that mimics the feel of writing with a real pen or pencil on paper.

Color E-Ink Tablets

Color E-Ink tablets have the potential to revolutionize the ebook market, which has traditionally been dominated by monochrome E-Ink displays. Instead of traditional E-Ink displays, color E-Ink utilizes a unique combination of red, green, and blue (RGB) microcapsules and fluorescent molecules mixed with patented optical filters.

This combination results in a broader spectrum of achievable colors, offering a richer reading experience compared to monochrome E-Ink readers. Color E-Ink technology can also enhance note-taking, providing a smooth experience across various mediums, such as digital drawing boards requiring touch interactions or conventional pens.

With their ability to replicate paper, thanks in part to low refresh rates and minimal glare reflection, even in direct sunlight, color E-Ink tablets are attractive alternatives despite their higher cost compared to regular black-and-white models.

Comparison of Key Features

To select the perfect E-Ink tablet for your needs, considering features like screen size, resolution, writing experience, battery life, storage capacity, connectivity options, and compatibility is crucial.

Screen Size and Resolution

Choosing the right screen size and resolution is essential when selecting an E-Ink tablet. A larger display provides more space for reading and taking extensive notes, while a higher resolution ensures sharper text and images.

For example, the Onyx Note Air 2 Plus features a 10.3-inch display, ideal for note-taking, while the Boox Note Air 2 offers a similar-sized screen with a higher 227 mph resolution, providing superior detail. For larger displays, the Onyx Boox Nova Air C offers a spacious 13-inch viewing area, suitable for extended periods of content consumption.

Writing Experience and Accuracy

E-Ink tablets offer a responsive and accurate writing experience, making them ideal for note-taking and digital artwork. Many modern E-Ink tablets feature palm rejection technology, reducing misplacements when writing quickly and ensuring a fun and effortless note-taking experience. Additionally, E-Ink displays offer no-glare advantages, making them perfect for reading in bright environments without distracting glare reflections.

Battery Life and Storage Capacity

Battery life and storage capacity are critical considerations for E-Ink tablets. Extended battery life ensures uninterrupted usage without frequent recharging, which is particularly beneficial for travelers. Adequate storage capacity, such as up to 128GB, allows users to store numerous books, documents, notes, and more, ensuring ample space for data storage and organization.

Connectivity Options and Compatibility

When choosing an E-Ink tablet, consider the available connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, for internet access and additional features. Wi-Fi enables synchronization with other devices, facilitating easy data transfer. Moreover, compatibility with various file formats like PDF, ePub, and Kindle is essential to ensure your tablet can read a wide range of documents. Some tablets also offer software compatibility with PC applications like Word or Notepad, enhancing their versatility.

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Latest Reviews and User Feedback

The Onyx Note Air 2 Plus is a popular choice in the E-Ink tablet market, earning praise for its 10.3-inch display and note-taking capabilities. Users appreciate its ability to perform well in both portrait and landscape modes, providing flexibility for writing and drawing tasks.

The second-generation ReMarkable tablet has garnered strong reviews, particularly from students who prefer handwritten notes. It offers improved pressure sensitivity and accuracy, expanding its possibilities for artists and note-takers alike. Its long battery life, lasting up to 8 hours on a single charge, is another highlight.

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C has won over many users due to its 13.3-inch display and lightweight design, making it highly portable. Amazon Kindle Scribe offers a vast selection of books and comfortable reading modes, reducing eyestrain even in brightly lit environments. Ratta Supernote A5X is praised for its build quality and smooth page-turning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, let’s delve into some commonly asked questions about this subject.

What is an E-Ink tablet?

An E-Ink tablet is a lightweight, slim, and easily portable device characterized by its low power consumption. It utilizes electronic ink technology to render text and images on its screen, creating a visual experience akin to printed pages.

How does an E-Ink tablet operate?

E-Ink tablets function through a specialized technology known as “electrophoretic imaging.” This process involves the application of negatively charged white dots and positively charged black dots onto a surface using electric fields, ultimately forming and displaying the content on the screen.

What are the advantages of using an E-Ink tablet?

E-Ink tablets offer several advantageous features, including reduced eye strain during extended reading sessions, exceptional battery life that can last for weeks without the need for recharging, portability facilitated by their lightweight design, and quicker page-turning capabilities compared to LCD displays.