Best Side Hustle Ideas in 2020

Side Hustle Ideas in 2020

If you’re looking to improve your finances, why not start a side hustle? Side hustling is an excellent way to earn some extra cash on the side and thus boost your overall finances. However, since there are so many options to choose from, deciding what to do can sometimes be a bit challenging.

So, with that in mind, we present you with a list of some of the best side hustle ideas in 2020. These will enable you to earn some money on the side which you can later invest in anything you set your mind to. Check them out.

Become a YouTuber

Surprisingly, a lot of people nowadays like to watch other people get about their day. That’s why YouTube has become such a popular platform. So, depending on your interests and skills, you can choose to start your own YouTube channel. Currently, commentary-style videos and video-podcasts are two of the most viewed content. Additionally, makeup tutorials and reviews, thrift-with-me’s and thrift hauls are also very popular. In order to start with this side hustle, you will only need a decent camera, some lights and a good microphone. As your popularity grows, you can start reinvesting the revenue back into your channel.

Sell or rent ad space

If you’re a blogger or a website owner you can sell space on your page to companies looking to promote their business. Selling or renting ad space will enable you to earn some extra money without having to do virtually anything except putting some ads on your page. However, be careful which companies you choose to rent your ad space to. Make sure that they’re reliable and honest. Preferably, you should try to rent ad space to companies your followers might find interesting or useful.

Make money for playing games

Another fun way you can boost your personal income is by having fun! No, really, it might sound odd, but with the iGaming industry rising in popularity so fast, it should come as no surprise. With so many different types of online gambling and casino games, you can easily find something that suits your personal style. And if you have the necessary skills or just some luck on your side, you can easily earn a pretty penny while actually having some genuine fun.

Become an online tutor

Furthermore, some people decide to give online tutoring a go. This is a particularly good idea for anyone who has any sort of degree or certificate in any field of science. If, for instance, you know some foreign languages or you’re particularly good at math, you can choose to give private online lessons to a dose in need. In order to become an online tutor, you will need to sign up for a platform of your choice and get your hands on some messaging software that also supports video calls. A good camera, decent microphone and good lighting will also be required.

Sell your crafts

On the other hand, if you are a creative individual and you like to make things with your own hands, why not try to sell them online? No matter what type of craft you’re making, chances are you’ll find an audience that’s interested in purchasing them. Additionally, you can even choose to make a YouTube channel and promote your business there. This way, you can even hold tutorials on how to make similar things and teach your audience how they can also make similar beautiful creations. Platforms such as Etsy and eBay are perfect places you can showcase and sell your products.

Write an eBook

If writing is your stronger side, aside from looking into different jobs for freelance writers, you can choose to write your own eBook. Some platforms, such as Amazon, even offer to take care of the promotion for you if your book manages to sell well. Of course, you will need to choose an interesting topic and do some research before you publish your book.

Become an online reseller

Finally, becoming an online reseller is an excellent side hustle idea for anyone who likes to go shopping. With thrift stores and second-hand, sustainable shopping becoming such a huge trend, you can easily find a way to make some money off of it. Basically, you can hit your local thrift stores and look for clothing pieces you know people will be interested in buying. Anything that’s branded and in mint condition is fine. After you manage to find some good pieces, you can set up your own Poshmark account and sell them for a certain markup.


The great news is that anyone who’s looking for a way to earn some extra cash online can easily find something up the alley that will enable them to do so. With so many different types of side hustles and so many different ideas, you can easily find something that will boost your personal finances.

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