Calorie Counting | 8 Best Smartphone Apps

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The volume of the body is influenced by the chosen diet and the number of calories consumed during the day. But it’s inconvenient to write down information about each meal eaten manually, and if you don’t keep statistics, then snacks will unexpectedly remain unnoticed, greatly affecting the overall picture of daily lunches, breakfasts, and dinners. The way out lies in a special counter that allows you to add statistics about each meal and then observe how much is exceeded.

Why You Need and How Calorie Counting Apps Work

Recording information about snacks and main meals is useful for many reasons – so there is a chance to normalize eating and get rid of unnoticed binge eating stresses and problems. Statistics will also help to exclude unhealthy foods that do not add satiety, but add extra calories during the day.

Besides calorie counting, there is often third-party functionality – a workout schedule, recipes for healthy and tasty meals, motivational information and tips related to psychology and willpower. Together, the listed tools can save the figure and help with gaining muscle mass, but without a daily struggle with the exact addition of statistics, the results will be out of the question.

A Collection of Proven Tools

It’s almost impossible to choose an app at once – somewhere there is a confusing interface and rare but common technical problems, somewhere there is a lack of functions and a lack of recipes. But we have collected apps that are as easy as betting at Bet22 and versatile as a collection of series on Netflix.


MyFitnessPal is a cross-platform calorie counter available on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems and in the browser on computers. Keep a diary and view information about diet recipes and workouts, the developers suggest wherever is more convenient – regardless of your choice, your progress will be synchronized and will appear in your profile.

The advantages of MyFitnessPal are its 4 million products and high efficiency – anyone who didn’t try to deviate from the designed plan lost extra pounds in 2-3 months and got closer to the dream shape.

Fat Secret

The Fat Secret calorie counter app allows you to enter information about your meals and snacks on a daily basis and watch how your body is getting enough of them or how it is falling behind in terms of important nutrients. Using the counter is easy – the intuitive diary reads barcodes, understands “grams” and even allows you to track progress in charts and tables.

If diets are of little help globally, Fat Secret lets you re-energize with exercise, staying in shape is easier if you stick to the tips and don’t rush anywhere.


Lifesum is a meal planner focused on a point-to-point diet for anyone who wants to lose, maintain or gain weight. Recipes and meals are selected based on height and weight, activity and current shape. In addition to food, workouts and tips from professionals are provided.

Despite the impressive set of recipes, tasks and tools for planning every day, Lifesum is not without its drawbacks. Problems are easy to find in technical implementation (crashes, problems during authorization, and synchronization of statistics) and in ways of monetization. Without Premium calorie counting is not disclosed even halfway, and not everyone is ready to pay every month.


Losing weight, gaining mass and eating healthy is offered using a classic set of three elements: diet, exercise and calorie counter. In most cases, YAZIO allows you to choose how and what to eat, but if you want, no one prevents you from trusting the “coach. Built-in artificial intelligence will select the appropriate program and help to stay in shape.

The advantages of YAZIO are easy to include full interaction with watches, fitness bracelets and even fitness equipment in gyms: steps taken, calories burned and activity time – each parameter is important for weight loss or muscle growth!


It’s a mobile calorie chart, presented as a special table where you can enter information about meals and snacks every day. The diet added to Dine4Fit is analyzed, and then there are tips on how to “cut off” unnecessary food and which recipes to use to get fullness at the expense of low-calorie healthy meals.

Besides recipes, the table also suggests exploring the section with workouts and exercises – it says in detail how much is spent when walking and running and why it’s important to travel less in the city by public transport.


A classic app with goals, recipes, and sports challenges aimed at shedding excess weight and gaining muscle mass. The developers offer to keep statistics of calories consumed and gained during each day, noting the results, and observing the progress on charts and tables.

You can work in pairs – it’s easy to share stats with invited friends, share recent measurements and even goals. It’s a pity there are no achievements for winning, and medals in your personal profile wouldn’t hurt.

Easy Fit

Easy Fit is a stylish calorie counter with a predictable interface, a special training diary and automatically adjusts for weight loss or muscle mass section with recipes. Developers from Mario Hanna offer to digitize daily information about food intake and snacks, add statistics about workouts and body volume, and then – watch the progress with the help of spectacular graphs and charts.

There are no paid features, an easily customizable design (you can choose from a collection of 30 background images, a couple of fonts, and screensavers), and the ability to get started even without pre-registration.


DiaLife is an online platform designed to count calories, control your diet, and choose healthy meals with a low glycemic index and low sugar content. DiaLife has entire sections dedicated to health – the developers suggest keeping track of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, comparing body weights using formulas and not forgetting about the WHO food composition standards.

Leaving aside the intricacies and details related to healthy eating, the program also manages to set goals and objectives. On the downside, you have to enter the information manually every time, no scanning of barcodes or recently created recipes.