Bill Gates Thinks Air Conditioning is A Problem

bill gates
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Bill Gates has made it clear that a large part of his wealth will continue to be used to invest in “green” technologies that will reduce the effect that different industries have on climate change (which in turn is becoming more and more tangible around the world). world). Now, the businessman has decided to put his money into a company that says it can change air conditioning by giving them a technology that uses less energy and is therefore “clean.”

Blue Frontier is the company in question. It has come up with a way to get clean air conditioning by using a concentrated salt solution. The Florida-based startup says that this technology can cut energy use by as much as 90%, which is a big number. At least for now, this would only work on non-residential buildings or new buildings that can hold a rooftop unit. Of course, it is hoped that there will be more options for individual fireplaces or windows in the future. Bill Gates gave a check for $20 million so that the work on this technology could continue.

Little is known about this technology, but the cooling comes from a salt solution that acts as a desiccant, according to its website (removing moisture from the air). This solution would be very concentrated and have a pump that evaporates the water inside it. When it comes in contact with air, it will remove the moisture and cool the air through “evaporative” cooling. It seems complicated, and there are still a lot of questions about how it would work. Some news stories about this kind of technology sound skeptical, so we will have to wait.

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A big problem is the air conditioning

Air conditioning is becoming more of a problem in Europe. This is especially true in Spain, where the government has made it illegal to set air conditioners below 27 degrees Celsius because it uses so much energy and costs the government a lot of money in fuel. Also, this could make the climate crisis that is happening now even worse. In fact, in some European countries, businesses are told to close their doors and use their air conditioners less. Those who don’t follow the rules are fined.

Gates is putting money into a technology that could save energy and keep people cool. We will have to wait a long time, though.