Going on a Camping-Trip with Your Friends!

camping trip with your friends
Photo Credit: Storyblocks.com

The sun is shining more often these months and perhaps it is time to pack your suitcase for the yearly friends-weekend. Have you ever thought of going camping before, instead of taking the luxury of a hotel or a cabbage? Probably not but believe us; nothing is as much fun as going on a camping trip with your friends. It is precisely the minimal products and natural life that makes such a camping trip completely the end. Have you decided to change course this year and indeed bring a tent instead of having to pick up a room key in the lobby? Great! Then read with us what you can expect during such a camping vacation and what you should definitely take with you!

Activities during a camping trip

Hopefully you will find the sun shining more than ever during your yearly weekend of fun, because camping is obviously all about being outdoors! And therefore, we would like to give you some amazing outdoor activities, which you might like to try during your friends-trip. Our top three? On number one, climbing trees in an adventure park; guaranteed an afternoon with a lot of laughs. Our second most fun activity? Renting scooters and exploring the town and country. Maybe you can combine such a trip with a delightful lunch (and pint)! Lastly? Rent a boat and have an amazing afternoon on the water. Take some drinks and food, and enjoy the sun while cruising!

What to eat when camping?

When you are going on a weekend camping-trip, we would suggest that you divide the dinners into different types. Of course, delicious and easy; go to a restaurant for one evening! But on the other evening, it would be great if you organize a delicious barbecue with you and your friends. Go to the local supermarket, buy the best meat, fish and vegetables you could wish for and go for it. Oh, do not forget the beers, wines or other drinks; before you know it the barbecue will result in a nice and fun party at the camping! (Tip: for ultimate party goods, you should definitely check a Top 10 Headshop!)

What to bring with you?

We understand that barbecues and outdoor activities sounds like a lot of fun and believe us; it is. Nevertheless, you should not forget that you are going camping and thus should think of a few things you definitely should take with you (free advice from us); a power charger, for when your mobile phone is empty (electricity is minimum at campings), toilet paper (some campings do not provide that) and last but not least; the barbecue!