Csm Certification Training in Hong Kong

Csm Certification Training
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Knowledge hub, an immersive learning platform for all those enthusiasts who continuously want to learn and get certified in the relevant fields to upskill their job profile as per industry demands. The Knowledgehut is the one-stop solution for everyone who is here to mark their presence in the industry because of their exceptional distinct skilled personality and professionalism shown towards their job roles. For such purpose, our aim is to offer several certification courses that are curated with the help of industry-renowned experts themselves. One such of our latest courses is the CSM Certification Training program in Hong Kong which is being offered at this high-value platform.

The CSM Certification Training program will be a comprehensive course designed for the candidates who are looking forward to becoming an exemplary Scrum Master that has all the potential to deal with simulations and real-time activities of Scrum. In this course, you will be given training by the globally accredited and certified Scrum Trainers of the industry, commonly known as CSTs who will coach you with respect to experiential and progressive learning through case studies, role plays, scrum activities, with real-world applications so that it facilitates in furthering your fundamental knowledge of Scrum.


Scrum is an Agile framework that has been gaining the highest popularity and respect across the globe because it has the tendency of giving creative innovation and of course improvised productivity at the enterprise level.

You know for a fact that there must be a high performing Scrum team that works putting their best effort and contribute towards the eventual success of the particular Agile Project but do you know that a Scrum Master is the main brain responsible for giving the momentum to the project in the very right direction? If not, let us clarify that a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) has the main role in boosting the confidence of the Scrum time and in proper and effective implementation of the Scrum framework in the entire organization.

As a CSM, you will possess a huge number of qualities as you officially become a scrum specialist, who leads and guides the Agile project to successful completion, thus making you a huge part of the elite group member of the global giant Scrum Alliance.

Let us understand in detail why our latest CSM Certification Training should be your first choice if you want to gain the requisite Scrum skills and ace the market with your understanding and knowledge.


A recent salary survey published by the renowned Ziprecruiter, a Certified Scrum Master earns an annual average salary of $116,659 per annum which is like very high in comparison to the salary of what the non-certified individual earns by the recruiters.

So, in this regard, the CSM certification helps you in a great way as paves the direction for you to work in major companies like Deloitte, Accenture, BOSCH, CapGemini, IBM, Tata Consultancy Services, Honeywell, and much more. The certification also opens a Pandora box of job roles for you to work as Scrum Master, Agile Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Project lead, Delivery lead, Project Manager, Program manager, and Automation Engineer.

Moreover, there are hosts of benefits that the CSM certification brings to you in your future career. The benefits are for at individual and organizational level. Following are the listed benefits of getting CSM certified: 


These days, not only the IT industry but also the non-IT industry majors are seeking to hire candidates are equipped with Agile skills and are familiar with the latest Scrum framework. The role of a CSM is very huge in the success of an organization because it can upscale the progress of entire organization in many ways. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  1. A CSM works as a guide for the project team members for the successful product development
  2. It helps the project team deliver quality deliverables.
  3. A CSM actively participates in every team activities and most importantly learn how one should own up a task.
  4. Helps in resolving the impediments and risks involved so as to enhance the collaboration of team with stakeholders.
  5. Acting as a change agent in the company with the aim of enabling a healthy culture in which all the teams equally get to flourish.
  6. As a servant leaders for the teams, works towards the development of only high end quality products.


Scrum framework has the belief of self-organization i.e. to make an advanced career in Scrum as a skilled Scrum Master. The CSM certification helps the individual grow in various aspects, some of them are given below:

  1. Gain an in-demand degree of high proficiency in effective execution of Scrum.
  2. Active contribution in helping create a healthy work culture in the enterprise.
  3. Gain the requisite skills and knowledge that makes an individual immune to any kind of distractions, be it, internal or external.
  4. Increase your self-motivation in escalating the performance of entire team.
  5. You get a whole lot of job opportunities offered in both IT and non-IT organizations with high pay.


Step 1: Register yourself on KnowledgeHut, which is a globally accredited partner of Scrum Alliance.

Step 2: Attend our two day CSM training course from the learned Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs).

Step 3: When you complete the course, Scrum Alliance will then send a link to you at your email with login credentials.

Step 4: You need to click on the sent link from SA and create your own account with login credentials.

Step 5: Attend the 1-hour online CSM test by logging in with the credentials. In the test, you need to score at least 74% to pass the test.

Step 6: Once you successfully clear the test, you’ll be requested to accept a license agreement. Accept it and receive your CSM designation with a 2 year membership of scrum alliance. You will need to renew the CSM certification in every 2 years.


In this CSM Certification Training in Hong Kong course offered at Knowledgehut platform, you will get a hundreds of ways to develop an Agile mindset. You will learn how to effectively implement the scrum framework in your organization.

There are as such no requirements that you need to prior satisfy before attending the CSM certification course. Because any individual who is interested in furthering their job career and future prospects in project management and also wants to hone their skills in Scrum understanding are welcome to attend the course. However, for the better understanding of the CSM course, it is highly recommended that you come with the fundamental knowledge of implementing Scrum with real world applications. To gain basics of Scrum, you can attend the one day Agile and Scrum foundation course on Knowledgehut.

It is rest assured that in this extensively designed CSM course, you will be trained by the expert CSTs who will impart the coaching in a very suitable form that will be beneficial for both the beginners and the experienced professionals.