Facebook Touch: Is it Better than Facebook App?

Facebook Touch

Have you ever wondered about “Facebook Touch”? This ingenious application, crafted by H5, introduces a smart and feature-rich client specifically tailored for touchscreen devices. When the term “touch screen” comes to mind, you might think of various touchscreen smartphones.

In this guide, we’ll learn everything about Facebook Touch. So, keep on reading and everything. 

Understanding Facebook Touch

what is Facebook Touch

Let’s delve into the essence of “Facebook Touch.” It’s important to note that Facebook Touch was not brought into existence by Facebook itself. Rather, the app was developed by H5, which was recently acquired by Lighthouse.

In essence, Facebook Touch stands as an advanced FB app exclusively designed for touchscreen smartphones. It boasts an array of unique features alongside a user-friendly interface.

Differences Between Facebook Touch and Facebook App

Now, let’s explore the distinctions between the Facebook app and Facebook Touch.

  • When you access Facebook via a browser, the web address reads as https://m.facebook.com. However, upon opening Facebook Touch, the site URL transforms to https://touch.facebook.com.
  • While browsing, you’ll notice a marked improvement in image quality and overall presentation. The regular FB website contains less information and images of inferior quality.
  • Due to its tailor-made design for smartphones, Facebook Touch provides a superior user interface while consuming less data.
  • The overall functionality of Facebook Touch surpasses that of the standard Facebook version. This is attributed to its mobile-centric design, whereas the resolution of the standard Facebook diminishes when used on a smartphone.

Distinctive Features of Facebook Touch

The uniqueness of Facebook Touch lies in its array of advantages that set it apart from the standard Facebook app. Offering a seamless and enhanced user experience, this application entices users with a wealth of useful functions. These benefits continue to be marketed to new users, showcasing the following advantages:

  1. Relevant Data Display: Facebook Touch presents users with the most pertinent data concerning their activities and interests.

  2. High-Quality Content: Users can watch and upload high-quality content seamlessly.

  3. Captivating Interface: The application boasts a captivating interface, designed to display various content in a visually pleasing manner, keeping users engaged for extended periods.

  4. Desktop Compatibility: Facebook Touch’s utility extends to desktop usage, providing a convenient option for users.

  5. Integrated Messaging: With its comprehensive chat section, users won’t need additional messaging software after experiencing Facebook Touch.

  6. Unobstructed Content Display: The application showcases content on the entire screen without cluttering the interface with unnecessary buttons, ensuring a smooth user experience.

  7. Optimized Performance: Even with a sluggish internet connection, Facebook Touch remains data-efficient and operates swiftly, optimizing smartphone speed and reducing battery consumption.

  8. Low RAM Compatibility: Designed for efficient performance, Facebook Touch can be used on devices with low RAM capacity, as it doesn’t demand extensive storage.

Constraints of Facebook Touch

While Facebook Touch improves upon standard Facebook, there are certain limitations to be aware of:

  1. Transition Difficulty: Users accustomed to the conventional Facebook version might find it challenging to distinguish between ordinary Facebook and Facebook Touch.

  2. Version Variations: Facebook Touch has released multiple versions for touch devices, which could potentially overshadow the standard version.

  3. Desktop Discrepancies: The desktop version of Facebook Touch might differ from the standard version.

Key Insights into Application Operation

Facebook Touch serves as the official streamlined and optimized variant of Facebook, akin to Fbofficial when compared to Facebook Lite and Messenger. It’s crucial to download it on your mobile phone to connect with friends online.

  1. Lighter Build: It offers a lighter build compared to the original Facebook app.

  2. Ease of Use: The application is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate.

  3. Minimal Space Requirement: Facebook Touch doesn’t demand excess storage space.

Installation of Facebook Touch Application

You can also download the touch application by following these steps:

  1. Unknown Sources: Allow installation from unknown sources in your smartphone’s application settings.

  2. Download and Install: Download Facebook Touch from a web browser. Accept terms and conditions, and then install the application on your device.

Facebook Touch, functioning both as a website and an app, provides a user-friendly experience with integration options:

On Android Devices

  1. Navigation: Access the Facebook Touch Webpage via any internet browser.

  2. Add to Home Screen: In the browser menu or three dots in the upper-right corner, select “Add to Home Screen” and confirm.

  3. Access: Return to the home screen to access the new shortcut and enjoy a seamless Facebook experience.

On iOS

  1. Open Safari: Use the Safari browser on your iPhone.

  2. Add to Home Screen: Visit the Facebook Touch Web and click the right-pointed arrow in the address box. Select “Add to Home Screen” and confirm.

  3. Shortcut Creation: Once the action is complete, a new shortcut will be accessible on your home screen, providing quick access to your Facebook account.

Downloading Facebook Touch on Windows 8

Facebook Touch for PC

Windows 8 was conceived and constructed with mobility as a key focus, aiming to deliver a seamless and superior user experience. Its web store is a hub of diverse apps designed to fulfill this goal. However, it’s worth noting that H5 hasn’t released a separate application for Windows.

For those seeking guidance on downloading programs on Windows 8, your search ends here!

  1. Open Store: Access the store on your mobile device.
  2. Search and Install: Look for the app you want and proceed to install it.
  3. Sign In: Enter your credentials to sign in.
  4. Login: Use your login details to access the application.
  5. Enjoy: Embrace the application’s functionalities and enjoy using it.

Audience for Facebook Touch

As mobile phones continue to advance in capabilities, the target audience for Facebook Touch has been narrowing. However, certain groups can still benefit:

  1. Feature Phone Users: Those using basic feature phones.
  2. Non-Android or iOS Users: Individuals with platforms like Windows Phone or Ubuntu Touch.
  3. Accessibility Concerns: People with accessibility challenges in conventional smartphone apps, though considering the phone’s built-in accessibility features is advised.

For the majority, the official app, regular website, or Facebook Lite app remains suitable. If none of these suffice, Facebook Touch can be a fallback. If you’re interested also read on how to turn off dark mode on Facebook

Facebook Touch’s Capabilities

Facebook Touch provides effortless access to various features. By clicking the three dots in the top right corner, you can access a wealth of information, including:

  1. Profile Picture: Your profile image.
  2. Suggested Tab: Displays Facebook pages and groups of potential interest.
  3. Apps Tab: Offers a quick overview of all available Facebook apps.
  4. Favorites Tab: Swift access to items like viewed movies, messages, friends, etc.
  5. Groups Tab: Lists the groups you’ve joined.

Disabling Facebook Touch Notifications

Steering clear of overwhelming notifications is a common preference. You can promptly disable notifications for Facebook Touch using the steps below:

  1. Open Settings: Navigate to the “Settings” menu on your smartphone.
  2. Access Apps: Under “Applications,” find the Facebook Touch app.
  3. Notifications: Tap on it, then select the “Notifications” tab.
  4. Disable and Force-Stop: Disable notifications and, if needed, force-stop the app. This prevents Facebook Touch from sending notifications.

Accessing Account Info and Privacy Settings

Accessing account details and privacy settings on Facebook Touch is even more straightforward than the regular app. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch Facebook Touch: Open the Facebook Touch app on your smartphone.
  2. Login: Enter your login details.
  3. Navigate to Settings: Click the three lines in the upper right corner.
  4. Access “Settings”: Scroll down to “Help and Settings” and select “Settings.”
  5. Manage Account: From here, you can review and adjust account information, preferences, permissions, and visibility settings.

Benefits of Facebook Touch

The distinctions between standard Facebook and Facebook Touch are particularly pronounced, with the latter tackling the issue of sluggish internet connections adeptly. It operates more fluidly, delivering higher-quality images.

The touch version of the Facebook app maximizes screen utilization, providing an exhilarating viewing experience for videos and images. Users of Facebook Touch enjoyed a smoother interface reminiscent of that found on an iPhone.

An advantageous feature of Facebook Touch was its in-window chat tool, offering visibility into the online and offline statuses of contacts.

Drawbacks of Facebook Touch

Being crafted back in 2009, Facebook Touch is now considered an outdated iteration of the extensively updated mobile apps. This was a time when smartphones were just commencing their evolution.

Regrettably, it lacks SSL encryption, thereby compromising navigation security. Additionally, its inability to adapt to larger displays confines its suitability to small touchscreen devices.

Although a significant upgrade during its time, this version lacked key safety features such as adult content banning.

In the current landscape, Facebook Touch is virtually unused on computers.

Opting for Facebook Lite

For those concerned about speed and bandwidth, especially with Android or iOS smartphones, Facebook Lite proves a superior alternative. Geared towards individuals with sluggish mobile internet connections, this lighter version of the official app is a lifesaver when signal strength wanes.

Is Facebook Touch Worthwhile?

Considering the detailed delineation of the app’s features, the value of Facebook Touch is apparent. Its utility largely depends on personal priorities and compatibility. While some find it more advantageous than the standard Facebook app, others prefer the official version. Limited software resources won’t hinder the experience, as it consumes minimal storage space and resources. Additionally, it’s less taxing on RAM, memory, and internet traffic compared to the standard Facebook software. Enhanced security is also a feature, as it functions through a third-party web browser on smartphones, designed to elevate photo and video experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now it’s time to discuss some common FAQs on Facebook Touch

Where can I download it?

Facebook Touch isn’t available on Google Play or the App Store. You can find an APK file by searching “download Facebook Touch” in your preferred web browser’s search bar. Before downloading, modify your smartphone’s authorization settings to allow installations from unknown sources.

Is Facebook Touch beneficial?

It’s particularly advantageous for those lacking iOS or Android devices. It can also serve as an appealing alternative to the regular FB app, especially for those experiencing challenges with standard apps. Moreover, it’s data-efficient and compatible with slower internet connections.

Can I message with Facebook Touch?

For direct messaging, the Messenger app is required, accessible from the Google Play Store or App Store. Messenger offers various useful features, such as keyword search within conversations, viewing message requests, and sending stickers.

Can I perform a Privacy Checkup with It?

Yes, you can conduct a Privacy Checkup with Facebook Touch. Navigate to the three dots in the top right corner, choose “Settings & Privacy” from the “Help and Settings” page, and access Privacy Checkup under the “Account” tab.


For those already browsing Facebook on their smartphones, downloading Facebook Touch might be unnecessary. However, if your smartphone experience falls short, exploring this option could enhance your experience without resorting to frustration. In summary, it offers smoother usability, increased speed, and improved image quality. While optimizing your Facebook usage, consider exploring other tools that streamline daily tasks, from post-scheduling to link shortening.