7 Proven Marketing Strategies to Get More Customers for Food Delivery Business

Online Food Delivery Service
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Over the past years, the trends in the food industry have drastically changed with many new norms and advanced technology. With more restaurants offering delivery services, it’s now the norm for customers. Nowadays, dining has very well become an occasional thing, with many restaurants providing instant delivery services and UberEats Clone.

The marketing trends for online food delivery services are growing as business owners choose to hire shared commissary kitchens for meal preparation and continue to embrace new methods of innovative services. Here is a brief guide on how to neatly market your food delivery business and stand out in the market.

No matter what, any service with top quality always attracts the customers. With constant and improved service, you can keep up to your customers. Apart from faster delivery, other important services are outstanding customer service and on-time tracking and notification updates. These are really some features to have if you need to master your growth.

People aren’t in favor of going with slower delivery services. Delivery speeds can be optimized by hiring more workers or with better mapping routes. Be accurate in giving tracking and updates of overflow orders, or loss of directions, etc. This is one natural way of marketing your food delivery business, as your quality speaks for your brand.

Social Media

Social media is not about just selfies anymore. Nowadays, social media marketing it’s no longer an option. It is a must to do. A team of digital marketers at Due North, Australia say that social media is a great place to solidify your growth and gain sales. Create more content mainly focused on food. Nearly 72% of eye-catchy food pictures on social sites are the main dishes. When people notice an active brand on a social page, they’re in favor of making a purchase. With many loyal followers, you can create your own community to market your brand online or offline. To give a tip, there’s no other better place than Instagram to start your marketing.

Food Bloggers & Influencers

Influencers and Food Bloggers will be your best brand referrals. It is a fact that people take their food and dining recommendations very importantly. Let’s check on our favorite celebrity and her love for your food delivery. Then her IG posts, tweets will obviously influence you to follow the same as well as her other fans. You can reach out to a number of active influencers and offer them a discount or exchange for a post or review. This idea is a great way to popularize your brand very well.

Business cards or Fliers

A flyer and a business card is a traditional method that goes a long way and obviously never goes out of style. When you are attempting to try this method, you can try exploring tools like Venngage and Canva, so you can create your own posters and flyers without the hassle of waiting for a graphic designer.

These materials can be handed out while making deliveries or passed to local food services.

If you’ve already networked with some restaurants which provide delivery, then reach out to them and set up to host a local food event. Different booths can be set up for various restaurants, and free food samples can be provided, and also co-promote the event to drag a large crowd.

If planning for an event is a big deal and costs too much budget, then try attending a food event or festival. Hand out your brand goodies, brochures or flyers, and remember them to follow your brand on social media.

Restaurant establishment outreach

This is that your food delivery service needs to add more restaurants to its service outreach list, even if you already have a decent number of restaurants.

When it comes to ordering food online, customers, most of the time, will turn to the app with a particular restaurant in mind. So, with the more restaurant options, the more orders your online food delivery business can gain.

Get a list of local favorites and new restaurants and start your process there. Display some ads on social sites that attract many vendors to sign up with your brand.

Email marketing campaign

Email campaigns are also a powerful way to connect with your potential customers and also to popularize your brand. Send out emails to your current and new customers to entice them to your app, website, or call for a food order. Still, Emails have a great place regardless of any social media and other digital marketing. MailChimp is the tool to help you with Email marketing campaigns. With Mailchimp, you can create captivating and attractive emails for your food delivery business.


Managing your food delivery business and staying on top of your marketing will definitely feel like riding a bicycle for the very first time. But once you become a master of it, you’re unstoppable. So, why wait? Start immediately.

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