Getting to know about coloured contacts

Coloured Contact

There are several things you should need to know before trying out coloured contacts, whether they are for Halloween or fun. Coloured contacts are similar to regular ones.

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The only significant difference between the two is that coloured contacts have colour. According to Dr Bazan, an eye specialist in Brooklyn, New York, every coloured contact lens has a transparent counterpart featuring the same design. Therefore, if you wear coloured contacts regularly and you are used to them, you will be okay with handling coloured contacts like those from Cosplay Lens. They have the same duration of wear like regular contacts too.

Coloured contacts maybe a little less comfortable than regular contacts. This is because, coloured contacts may be somehow thicker compared to the regular ones, they made need some getting used to. Moreover, thicker lenses are mostly easier to put in and remove.

If you have a perfect vision, you can try out coloured contacts. In case you want to get a blue-eyed look like most celebrities, it is possible to even when you have 20/20 vision. You can find coloured contacts in a wide range of powers. They commonly cover the range of +6 to +8; you can also get the zero power type of lens. You have to see an eye doctor make sure that your eyes are in great shape; besides, that is the only real method to establish your vision.

Coloured EyesA prescription from your eye doctor is recommended. Even if the coloured contacts you own have zero power, you should still have to see the doctor. This is because lenses need proper care, so whether coloured or transparent, you should know how to care for them properly. And a prescription is recommended anyway. You will discover that different brands of contacts work differently from others. The doctor has to check your eyes to make sure that the ones you choose are the right ones for you. When the doctor confirms that the contacts are okay, you will have a prescription from then and make an order. With that, you can order coloured contacts from any retailer available online, for instance, the Halloween stores or other websites that do not need a prescription. You need to be careful so that you don’t stand a chance of damaging your eyes to save money.

You should not share your coloured contacts with anyone, not even your friends. It applies to regular contacts and must also be the same with coloured contacts. If your colour contacts have zero power, you may tend to treat them like makeup. This is especially when you are only trying to switch up your look; you should not share them with anyone. The result will be swapping eye germs, and it will be a matter of time before you get eye infections. Besides, coloured contacts belonging to your friend may not be the right ones for you.

Anyone who can wear regular contacts can wear coloured contacts too. Some people may be interested in contacts that they will throw out after every two weeks, and some will want to wear theirs for only a single day. Some have regular eyes, while others have some form of imperfection on the curvature of their eyes known as astigmatism. It is essential to know that there are coloured contacts that are suitable for almost everyone even though some types like those of astigmatism may be more expensive.

There are several brands of coloured contacts to choose from. You can consult your eye doctor to find out the specific brand that will work for you. There are several options to try and several tints, designs, and colours to choose from. Your doctor might give you a trial pair to ensure you love wearing them right before they are permanently yours. Make sure you follow every instruction about taking care of your coloured contacts if your doctor provides them. In case something is unclear, ask any questions. The instructions are meant to boost the colour of your eyes and your vision; therefore, handle them like you would any other type of contacts. When getting coloured contacts, ensure your doctor comfortably fits them and that they provide the appropriate vision enhancement. Ask for disposable lenses if you want coloured contacts for special events.