Must-Try Goatee Beard Styles

Goatee Beard Styles

The goatee beard has grown in popularity over the years, and is steadily becoming more common. This is because it can go with any shape of the face as well as the fact that it highlights your cheekbones. The style can be traced back to the 1920s and it has become increasingly popular in the last few years. The goatee beard is defined by a V-shaped or pointed chin beard and a beard that follows the contours of the face. Most men who grow a goatee beard do so to add a sense of style or to emphasize an already existing one. The goatee is an easy beard type to maintain, as you only need a beard grooming kit NZ and to trim or restyle it regularly to get the best look out of it.

Goatee beards style does not necessarily require you to have long or short beards, as both of them will give you the same outcome. It requires you to first leave your facial hair for some time so that it grows long enough for styling. The first step in achieving a perfect goatee is knowing the type of styling that you want. Some of the common types of goatee beards are:

1. Pure Goatee With No Mustache

This is the original type of goatee beard. You let the sides grow such that they connect with the hair below your lips to get the perfect full goatee. The hair on the chin is let to grow such that it joins with the side beards and the jawline hair is shaved clean. However, the hair on the sides is not let to grow up to the check area but it is trimmed to be just below the lips.

Pure Goatee

2. Full Goatee

This is the most common style of a goatee beard. It is also called the classic goatee. The facial hair grows around the mouth and extends on the side to make a perfect circle beard. The beard is made into a perfect circle shape by trimming the side hair above the lip area as well as the hair on the chin area. A full goatee is easy to maintain as it only requires moisturizing to prevent itching.

3. Pretty Boy Goatee

This type of goatee is similar to a full goatee but with only one major difference. The facial hair is not grown such that it is thick like in a full goatee, but it is rather trimmed all around leaving only a thin line. The thin line extends to both the mustache and the chin area. This beard style gives you a perfect classy look as long as it is kept neat.

4. Landing Strip Goatee

In this goatee style, both the mustache and the hair around the chin are shaved clean leaving only the hair just below the lips. The hair left can extend either downwards from the mouth or towards the chin according to your personal preferences. This is one of the simplest goatee styles to maintain, as the strip only needs regular trimming and moisturizing.

Strip Goatee

5. Van Dyke Goatee

This beard style is similar to a full goatee but it works for those having a hard time growing a perfect circle of hair around the mouth. Instead of having uneven patches of hair, van dyke styles these patches individually to make a perfect beard style without connecting them. The patches that have to be styled individually are the mustache, the hair on the chi are and hair below the lips. Van dyke beard style perfects an imperfect full goatee to make it attractive as well as covering gaps left by the patches making them unrecognizable.

6. Anchor Goatee

Just as the name suggests, this goatee is styled to make the shape of an anchor. This style is an extension of the van dyke goatee as it allows the hair below the lips to grow downwards and be nearer to the sideburns. The combination of the mustache, the hair around the chin, and the wide hair below the mouth give a perfect anchor shape.

However, before growing a goatee such that it can be styled to shapes like an anchor, it requires patience. This is because different patches of hair on the face have different growth rates and it is impossible to achieve a perfect goatee without patience. Itchiness is a problem associated with goatees due to ingrown hairs and it requires you to clean and oil your beards regularly to eliminate the itchiness. Regular oiling of the facial hair also speeds up the rate of hair growth for a beard.