Want Long and Shiny Hair? Tips to Reboot Your Hair Health

Shiny hair
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Don’t underestimate the significance of the crown that we never take off in today’s social media world, where we have learned the art of snapping the perfect selfie-stating #nofilter or #sunkissedlook. Complete head-to-toe care is vital for boosting the qualities of an entire appearance, which can improve confidence.

Hair sets the tone for the overall look, therefore it’s crucial to maintain a distinct personality. Keratin, which makes up 80-85 percent of our hair and is crucial for its health, is found in the majority of it. Brittle hair, breakage, hair thinning, and slow growth can all be caused by a lack of protein. As a result, we should increase our protein intake by eating a nutritious diet and following a decent hair care routine. Plabita Sharma, National Training Manager, The Body Shop India, has some suggestions for reviving your hair’s health:

Recognize your hair type

Understanding your hair type is the first and most crucial step in deciding on your next plan of action and implementing an effective hair care regimen. Along with recognizing the many types of moisture on the scalp, such as dry, oily, or flaky, other elements such as hair porosity, texture, and structure must also be considered. To determine the state of your hair, either seek professional guidance or self-observe the hair and scalp after a wash. The hair is most likely oily if the scalp becomes greasy after washing it on the second day and the hair seems limp and flat.


Shampoo’s primary function is to remove debris and oil from the scalp and hair shaft. This activity aids in the reduction of scalp inflammation, itching, and odor. Choose a shampoo with a mild surfactant like SLES, which is gentler on the hair while still cleaning it well. Also, choose natural elements such as tea tree, shea, ginger, and advanced keratin formula-based products based on your scalp and hair type. Look for anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant effects, as well as refreshing and intense hydration. Limit your washing to two or three times each week, and remember to dilute it for best results.


Conditioner is normally the second step in hair washing, and it is frequently overlooked or skipped. A hair conditioner’s job is to replenish lost moisture, which improves hair’s feel and manageability. It improves the overall texture and elasticity of the hair, making it appear healthy and frizz-free by reducing friction between strands. To get the long-term advantages, choose a silicone-free conditioner. Silicone-free products allow the hair shaft to absorb and nourish moisture more effectively.


Hair masks should be used once or twice a week to greatly improve the texture and look of your hair. A hair mask is typically a thicker, creamier kind of conditioner that is more potent and rich with nutrients such as natural oil, lipids, and keratin to give deep conditioning and aid in the repair and healing of damaged hair. Look for components that are naturally moisturizing and enhance overall hair health, such as shea and banana.


Last but not least, choose hair accessories in Australia that are gentle on the hair. To avoid tangles and breakage, go for a lightweight wide-tooth wooden comb over a plastic one. Invest in a micro-fiber towel that absorbs all excess moisture without frizzing your hair. Allow the hair to air dry and accessorize with silk scrunchies, which are silky smooth and gentle on the hair.

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Information Source: India TV