Putin Calls on Ukrainian Military to End Resistance

Ukraine homes damage
Photo: Collected

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the Ukrainian military to abandon its struggle and turn on their rulers on Friday. Putin said at Friday’s Security Council meeting that the majority of Ukrainian military troops are hesitant to engage Russian forces. According to him, the resistance formations are largely volunteer battalions comprised of right-wing Ukrainian nationalists. He did not, however, provide any evidence to back up his accusations.

Russia’s defense ministry announced on Friday that its forces had taken control of the crucial Hostomel airport, located just 7 kilometers (4 miles) northwest of Kyiv, and had landed paratroopers there. The operation also resulted in the deaths of over 200 people from Ukraine’s special forces. According to the ministry, Russian military troops have blocked access to Kyiv from the west, while separatist militants in east Ukraine have attacked Ukrainian army positions with Russian military support. The Russian military has stated that it will not attack Kyiv’s residential districts.

As Russian forces accelerated their offensive in the early hours of Friday, Russian missiles bombarded the capital and some other sections of the country, forcing some families to flee to bunkers. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy of Ukraine called with the international community to do more, stating that the penalties imposed thus far were insufficient. Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of’military actions’ in Ukraine, the shelling begins the second day of fighting. Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy claimed 137 people had been murdered so far, including 10 military members, and 316 people had been injured.

After Russia launched a huge military operation against Ukraine, people arrive at a train station turned into a refugee center at the border control between Poland and Ukraine.

Russian airspace restrictions

Because the Russian government has prohibited all British planes from passing its airspace, Virgin Atlantic’s Delhi-London flights will take 15-60 minutes longer.

The Boris Johnson government stated earlier this week that Russian national carrier Aeroflot would not be permitted to land in the UK in retaliation to Russia’s military incursion in Ukraine. As a result, the Russian government declared on Friday that British planes will not be permitted to land or access Russian airspace.

European human rights organization suspends Russia

Because of its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has been expelled from the Council of Europe’s human rights organization.

Russia was suspended with “immediate effect” from the organization’s Committee of Ministers and parliamentary assembly on Friday, the 47-nation council declared, “as a result of the Russian Federation’s armed attack on Ukraine.”

Russia remained a member and was obligated by relevant human rights accords, according to the Strasbourg-based organization, which was created in 1949.

Russia has no plans to ‘occupy’ Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that Russia does not intend to “occupy” Ukraine and that it is ready to conduct talks as soon as Ukrainian forces “laid down their arms” in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invitation.

According to the state-run TASS news agency, the Russian top diplomat made the remarks after meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Peresada of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Foreign Minister Vladislav Deinego of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR).

“Ukraine will not be occupied. The operation’s goal has been made clear: demilitarization and de-nazification “A day after Russian troops launched a large military assault against Ukraine, he stated.

Homes have been ruined

The assault on Kyiv comes just a day after Russian military invaded Ukraine on three fronts: land, sea, and air, bringing a storm of international censure and sanctions, as well as worries about Putin’s larger plans for the country and its capital.
It’s unknown how long Ukrainian soldiers will be able to hold off Russian forces, who are far better equipped and possess superior air power.

In the early hours of Friday, two residential buildings in Kyiv were damaged, but it’s unclear whether they were purposely struck or hit by rubble, or if anyone was harmed.

Evgeny Yenin, Ukraine’s Deputy Interior Minister, told CNN Over Kyiv, a Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter plane was shot down. Photos posted to Twitter by the emergency services appear to show a fire at a two-story private residence, as well as debris from what appears to be a plane nearby. It’s unclear whether the house was hit by the jet’s debris.

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