Google Meet New Feature will Warn When Your Voice Echoes

Google Meet
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It appears that Google has finally realized that it is past time to make meetings more convenient by updating its video-communication service app, which will now tell users if it believes they are producing an echo with an alert message.

The Google Meet app will soon warn you if it thinks you’re causing an echo in calls, according to a blog post published by the firm on Monday.

For the uninitiated, users of Meet are currently unaware if they are causing an annoying echo in the meeting unless other attendees interrupt to inform them. Meetings should now be easier as a result of this change.

According to The Verge, Google claims that Meet already has audio controls in place to eliminate echo. However, it cannot account for all speaker and microphone settings on distant desktops that result in audio being sent back into the conversation.

The new echo warning update will appear on the Meet interface as a red dot, as well as a notification and text alert. Users can access the procedures for resolving the echo by clicking the notification, which include muting the microphone, reducing the speaker level, or switching to headphones. The warnings will be enabled by default and will not need to be enabled by an administrator.

The new echo warnings are already trickling out to Google Workspace and G Suite Basic and Business subscribers, according to The Verge. It will take approximately 15 days to finish the deployment.