How to Keep Your Baby Warm in Winter Season?

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The cold morning chill, dry weather, all these signals indicate that winter is near. And because of this sudden change in weather, everyone has started applying all the cold-relief methods. But the problem of young children is increasing because they can’t even speak out about their own suffering. So we have to understand all their problems.

–To protect the child from cold weather and cold air, the child needs to be dressed properly. However, in the winter, you must be careful not to keep the baby warm. So it is wise to keep the balance rather than wearing extra fat clothes. So you must know that the baby feels the coldest in some parts so that you can relax accordingly.

–The head covering is important because if the head temperature is low, it can affect the whole body. So, cover baby’s head with a cloth to protect the baby from cold. Also, make sure that the baby’s hat is not too tight and is soft.

–Keep the nose warm and the nose is an important organ in all parts of our body. Germs, bacteria and harmful smoke, etc., enter the body through the nose of the child. So it is important to keep the baby’s nose safe. But if the baby does not have to cover his nose, he will have trouble breathing. Instead, sometimes you can give your warm hand to the baby’s nose or massage it with a little hot oil. You can also keep an eye on the room temperature.

–The lower body may also feel cold, and the lower the legs, the more important it is to control the temperature of our body. Even if children are often lying in bed, not having their feet on the ground, they may feel cold at the bottom of their bodies. So, the child needs to be covered with socks or clothes on his feet. If this is done, the body will have complete temperature control.

–Massage to keep the baby warm. Mustard oil is best for the baby to be washed in cold weather. If your child has cold symptoms, heat it with a pair of garlic and garlic in mustard oil, and massage it. Massage is required at least once a day. The best time to do this is to take the baby to the sun and undress all the clothes so that it does not feel cold and well-washed.

–Cold hands in cold weather, sometimes even the baby’s hands are cold. So put on the baby’s soft gloves and put on a flower-sleeved dress. However, when sleeping at night, cover the baby’s body with a blanket. Don’t wear gloves at that time.

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