The Perfect Elegant smells to make your Home Smell Great

How to make your Home Smell Great?
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We now know that perfumes are an important part of anyone’s routine for taking care of themselves. They are a way to identify someone or just have a nice smell that makes being around them more pleasant. But now, the aromatic world isn’t just for our bodies; it’s also for our homes.

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The whole point of this trend of interior fragrances is to make the home a place with lots of little details that make us and our guests feel good. Some parts of this trend are the way things are decorated, how comfortable the furniture is, and how technology is used. But, as we already knew, we will be focusing on the point of elegant scents for the house. Some of the things we can use to scent a space are candles, diffusers, incense, and fabric scents.

Most Popular Scents

If this note is about elegant home scents, we could put them into three groups: woods, herbs, and citrus. In the same way that this is true for fragrances for the body, woody perfumes are the most intense and deep. They are also the most elegant, but some people may not like them because of how strong they are. We suggest using these smells in the winter or at a meeting that will take place at night.

How to Make Your Home Smell Good?
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On the other hand, we have the citrus family, which includes bergamot, tangerine, and lime, and the herbal family, which includes white tea, rosemary, lavender, or juniper. Also, their light smells make them elegant and easy to use in the home. Clearly, they are a great choice to put directly on fabrics like sheets and pillows, in the case of spray flavorings.

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To learn more, we talked to Humberto Galindo from Cyprès. He said, “We make things with the goal of making people feel things so strongly that they have strong memories of them.” One way to put your own stamp on your home is to choose air fresheners. When kept in a closed space, our flavorings can last for several hours. As a tip, we suggest putting them at a low height. This lets the smells stay in the air and rise, making them last longer in rooms. It is always best to choose natural products that don’t hurt the environment or people’s health.

How and where to Place Them?

When deciding where to put a scenting device (candle, diffuser, etc.), we should keep in mind that, unless the room is small, it will be nearly impossible for the whole room to be filled with the scent. Because of this, it’s important to pick strategic locations. This is how we talk about places where we have to walk through, like the entrance to a room or house, or places where air moves.

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When using spray flavorings, we need to be careful. Even though it has already been said that they should be sprayed from a low height, it is also best not to spray them into the air but instead onto furniture, especially fabrics, where the smell will stay longer. Lastly, let’s not use them too much. Two or three sprays are enough to scent a room or a room. Remember that these kinds of smells are a bonus and shouldn’t be the main attraction.