Henry Cavill’s Favorite Perfumes for an Elegant Look

Henry Cavill
Photo: Instagram

Henry Cavill is a man who is smart, interesting, and very, very attractive. We don’t know if you remember, but there was a time when this actor didn’t know how to dress well or match his clothes so that he always looked casually elegant. He also didn’t have those “steel pecs” or that “line of back” that now merges into two very strong biceps. That happened over time. As well as developing his sense of style and ability to dress right, without becoming so muscular that he looks like a sausage, which is what his career in fantasy movies has required of him. His style is one of the most admired in the world because he knows how to combine the classic rules of men’s fashion with a much more modern look.

In this way, Henry Cavill, who is an undisputed icon for many of us, has become a role model. A topic we keep coming back to for ideas, to check how to wear a certain piece of clothing, or just to answer the question “What would Henry do right now?”

We’re not just talking about clothes. In this constant review of the latest Clark Kent, we also use his advice on shoes, accessories, hairstyles, barbershops, watches, training, and even perfumes. We save as much as we can of Henry Cavill’s image and style. Could you imagine smelling exactly like Superman? The truth! The person who walks around breaking hearts and showing how powerful they are. We do. We started looking for his favorite scent because of this. As we finish shaping our bodies to look like our DC hero, we want to share one more thing with him.

The perfume that Henry Cavill likes best

In addition to being an ambassador for the brand, different sources have told us that the two proposals under this name that he likes best in the whole world are these two. We’re talking about Dunhill, a British luxury brand for men that specializes in ready-to-wear, personalized, and tailored clothes and is known for its leather goods and accessories with great English style. In fact, it’s important to note that this lifestyle company has been based in Westminster, London, since 1893, the year it was founded.

Dunhill made one of the first butane gas lighters in the world in the mid-1950s. His style and contributions to the world of luxury are so great that we can’t stop telling you about it. Since then, the design has stayed mostly the same, and James Bond has used it often in both books and movies. And if this was one of 007’s favorite things, it must have a purpose, don’t you think?

So, now that you know what this company is about and how it works, which we hope shows the great style of its designs, you can imagine how its two best-selling fragrances smell and why Henry Cavill is one of his loyal fans.

Dunhill Black

A man’s perfume that has been shown to last a long time, smells good, has a soft but strong scent, adds warmth to a casual look, and turns out to be moderately dark without losing its freshness. Really, a scent for the whole year.

It smells like nettle, jasmine, lavender, suede, guaiac wood, and Virginia cedar. A recipe that might not be too hard to follow, but has unique ingredients and a lot of character, will give you the perfect scent. Perfect for a romantic date or an important lunch or dinner.

Dunhill London

This bottle is a must-have for those times when there is a lot of energy and fun, but you also need to show that you are a man with a strong personality and high standards. With vanilla, sweet, fruity, slightly woody, spicy, and sandalwood undertones, this is a truly elegant and seductive scent for men.

Red apple, vanilla, tonka bean, rose, sandalwood, moss, geranium, patchouli, and jasmine are some of the notes in this scent.

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