Things to Do during Summer to Prevent Diseases

Things to Do during Summer to Prevent Diseases
Photo Credit: Times of India

Now that the hottest months of the year are here, our immune systems are weaker and our natural strength is lower than usual. In hot weather, diseases and seasonal infections are common, and Ayurveda suggests making some changes to your routine to stay healthy and free of illness. (An Ayurveda expert explains what pets should and shouldn’t do in the summer.)

In a recent Instagram post, Ayurveda expert Dr. Dixa Bhavsar explains in detail what Ayurveda says you shouldn’t do in the summer. During the summer, should we keep food in copper containers? Should we eat curd, which is often served with meals when it’s hot? When is the best time to go outside in the sun, and what drinks should you drink to keep cool? According to Ayurveda, there are some things you should never do in the summer.

Dr. Bhavsar says that Ayurveda says there are a few things you should avoid doing in the summer to avoid sunstroke and other summer problems like diarrhea, low blood pressure, dehydration, acidity, headaches, and burning sensations, etc.

1. Using copper utensils

The Ayurveda expert says that drinking water stored in a copper vessel is very healthy, but you shouldn’t do it in the summer because copper is a heating element. She also says that people who have problems with acidity, inflammation, migraines, or heat should stay away from it. Dr. Bhavsar says that people should choose water that has been stored in silver or clay containers instead.

2. Consuming curd

Dr. Bhavsar says that curd should not be eaten in the summer because it is warm and hard to digest. This may come as a surprise to some. In the summer, buttermilk and lassi are better than curd because they are easier to digest.

3. Excessive exercise

People tend to work out more in the summer because, after months of hiding behind layers of clothes in the winter, they wear less clothing in the summer. This could show all the extra fat that has been building up, which makes people want to work out more. But Dr. Bhavsar warns against doing too much exercise in the summer because it can cause people to become dehydrated, tired, and have low blood pressure. In hot weather, she suggests practicing yoga and pranayama to calm down.

4. Sun exposure during the day

Every season, getting daily sunlight is good for your health, but in the summer, it’s best to get sunlight in the morning before 8 am and in the evening after 5 pm to get the most health benefits.

“Daily exposure to sunlight is great because it helps us make Vitamin D, happy hormones, improves our mood and sleep, controls our circadian rhythm, etc.,” writes Dr. Bhavsar. “However, exposure to the sun in the afternoon during the summer can give you sunstroke, dry skin, a burning feeling on your skin, headache, dehydration, diarrhea, etc.”

5. Caffeine and carbonated beverages

The Ayurveda expert said that caffeine makes the body hotter, which leads to more inflammation. “So, during the summer, it’s better to drink herbal teas that cool you down. Carbonated drinks make you feel more thirsty and make dehydration worse. They also have sugar, which makes you gain weight (because it has more calories) and feel tired “Says Dr. Bhavsar. She suggests natural ways to stay cool, such as bael sharbat, fennel sharbat, vetiver water, and coriander water (dhanyak hima).