Death Toll Nears 100 in Acapulco After Hurricane Otis Slams Mexico

Hurricane Otis Pummels Acapulco Mexico Death Toll

The catastrophic damage left by Hurricane Otis continues mounting over a week after it made landfall in Acapulco, Mexico as an extremely powerful Category 5 storm. The death toll has now risen to nearly 100 people.

Hurricane Otis Intensified at Record Speed Before Landfall

Hurricane Otis stunned meteorologists when its wind speeds rapidly escalated by 115 mph in just 24 hours before striking Mexico’s Pacific coast on October 25th.

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The National Hurricane Center described the acceleration as the second fastest intensification ever observed in the Atlantic or Eastern Pacific basins.

Dozens Dead, Nearly 50 Still Missing After Storm

On Monday, the governor of Guerrero state announced at least 45 people died during Hurricane Otis with another 47 still missing. The toll increased substantially from earlier estimates.

Among the confirmed dead were foreign nationals from the U.S., Canada and U.K. Otis brought extreme devastation.

Survivors Describe Complete Destruction

Residents who weathered Otis’ catastrophic winds and flooding described the situation as “like the apocalypse”, with some areas suffering near total destruction.

Locals said the storm stripped many areas entirely bare, leaving people with absolutely nothing.

Mexico Works to Restore Basic Services

In Otis’ aftermath, Mexico’s government said providing water, fuel, food and electricity to impacted regions are top priorities.

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But residents face a daunting recovery, with 90% of buildings damaged in some areas according to reports.

Climate Change Linked to Hurricane’s Rapid Growth

Scientists say climate change is causing hurricanes to intensify faster, as warmer ocean waters provide more fuel.

Otis demonstrated the growing threat, exploding from a tropical storm to Category 5 hurricane in barely over a day.

In summary, Mexico is still assessing the full devastation wrought by Hurricane Otis after the extremely powerful storm brought catastrophic damage and nearly 100 deaths to coastal regions like Acapulco.