How to Tell if Lobster Meat is No Longer Good

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Lobsters are expensive, but you’ll surely get your money’s worth with every bite. The reason people love this crustacean so much is their versatile flavour. They have a mild, sweet taste that keeps you coming back for more. 

You can also make a lot of dishes out of lobster meat like appetizers, soup, and pasta. You’ll always have a delectable meal as long as the meat is still good.

Although there’s an ongoing debate on whether frozen lobster is as good as fresh lobster, the real test of good lobster meat is its taste. If it still has its sweet and salty flavour, you could say that it’s a good catch. 

How Long Will Lobster Meat Remain in Good Condition?

This depends on whether you cook the lobster or not. Cooked lobster meat kept in the refrigerator can last for three to four days. Meanwhile, those stored in the freezer can remain in good condition for several months. 

However, you should cook raw lobster meat right away since they only last for a couple of hours. This is precisely why restaurants boil lobsters alive

Signs That Say Your Lobster Meat Has Gone Bad

There are many ways to tell if lobster meat is still fresh or not. To know what to watch out for, check out the signs we’ve listed below: 

Pungent Odor

Like other crustaceans, lobsters have tender, sensitive meat. If you don’t take good care of it after the lobster dies, it will spoil quickly. Don’t cook it if you notice a persistent ammonia-like smell. This unpleasant odour means the lobster meat is already starting to break down and is no longer suitable for consumption. 

If you’re unsure how ammonia smells, the easiest way to determine whether the meat is already spoiled is by taking a good sniff. When you opened the lobster box or bag, did you pull back? They should never smell this bad, so it’s better to toss the meat than cook it if the smell turns you off. 

Tender, Cottage Cheese-Like Consistency

Another tell-tale sign that lobster meat is no longer in good condition is its tender, cottage cheese-like consistency. Even if it smells okay, it doesn’t mean that it’s still edible. Take the meat from the container and feel it. Is it solid and tough? Or does it feel tender, just like cottage cheese? If it’s soft, then you need to throw them away. It’s not safe to cook and eat them.

Gooey and Discoloured 

If your lobster meat feels gooey when you touch it, it’s no longer good. If you find yourself reaching for a napkin or towel to clean your hands after handling the meat, there’s a high chance that it’s already spoiled. Also, take a look at it. If it’s white or green in some areas, it has gone bad. The discolouration is also another sure-fire sign that the meat is spoiled. 

What to Do When You’re Unsure

Suppose you already performed all the tests mentioned above, yet you still can’t come up with a conclusive result. In that case, choose to err on the side of caution and throw the lobster meat away. This is better than exposing your loved ones and yourself to the risk of food poisoning. It might be too expensive to throw away, but your loved ones’ welfare is priceless. Hence, the balance should always tilt in favour of safety.