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Furniture Storage

Did you know that one of the most common things that are stored in a unit is furniture? Moving and storing furniture can be tough, and end up being quite a pain when you don’t have it secured and know that it’s safe. Fortunately though, there are some places that have locations in the Sydney and Melbourne area that offer excellent storage options – and they can give you the largest units for a reasonable price, at different storage sizes so you always know that you can rent what you need and nothing more.

Why Should You Use Furniture Storage?

A lot of people need to store furniture for things such as moving, doing home renovation projects, and even when it comes to selling their homes and wanting to remove their personal belongings from it but design it to the buyers’ needs (this is called staging your home). Other people may want to store furniture when they’re travelling for long periods of time or to store furniture that could bear to have no price tag (such as antiques and unique items or collectibles).

Local is Best – Look for Quality

Some people have had to literally put their furniture in dusky or murky storage units, in which they have no security (other than a padlock), and this shouldn’t ever be acceptable. You also don’t want to end up shopping for a storage unit too far from where you are. This can apply if it’s too far from you in the city, or even in the entire area you’re living in. You want the most security for your belongings, and the highest quality of units possible, but you also want the lowest price to pay for all of the best services possible.

Convenience is Important Too

Do you want a unit that can give you access whenever you need it? With the right storage company, you can have multiple storage options, such as timed visits (that are protected during off-hours but you can only access your belongings during certain times of the day), or even 24-7 access. Some companies out there only offer one or the other, but the best offer both of these for the most convenience along with their storage capabilities.

What Do Their Customers Say?

Believe it or not, you want to ensure that furniture storage Storage Plus can assist multiple people with the maximum-security storage that only the best security storage facility can provide. If you’re looking for the best in Australia, then you’ll want a company that has possibly thousands of satisfied customers – and you can always look online on search engines and social media to see how they fare. 


If you want storage plus security, then you can count on one company in all of Sydney and Melbourne to provide that for you. They’re even willing to beat the prices of their competitors by a whopping 100% (no, that doesn’t mean that you will get free storage), but it’s definitely worth checking out. Not only that, but we’ve discovered that the best furniture storage company has been around for more than a decade, so that speaks volumes too.