How to Save Your Eyesight While Working Online

Save Your Eyesight
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Today, more and more people choose online professions because it allows them to work remotely from any corner of the world. Moreover, online education has become popular, thanks to which a person can get knowledge without leaving home.

However, constant work in gadgets can lead to visual impairment and dry eye syndrome. Steve O’Neil, a writer from the free essays service, talked to an ophthalmic surgeon to find out how to work correctly on the computer and the phone and preserve your eyesight. We asked what to do if a person feels eye strain while working with devices and got to know if it’s possible to use drops every day.

How computer work affects your eyes

When a person works at a computer, he gets emotional and blinks less. Therefore the eye dries up, and a person may develop dry eye syndrome, or as it is also called computer vision syndrome.

The main signs of the syndrome are dryness, a feeling of discomfort, and a foreign body on the face. The person may also have red eyes, itching, and fermentation. The variety of manifestations of computer syndrome depends on the number of hours spent in the device and the general condition of each person’s body.

In general, dry eye syndrome is a multifactorial condition that also occurs if a person eats poorly, does not exercise, and leads an unhealthy lifestyle.

Suppose one works continuously online and doesn’t keep an eye-healthy. In that case, complications can occur in the form of uncontrolled dry eye, conjunctivitis, inflammation of its mucosa, or keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea.

Or, if a person has other vision problems, such as farsightedness or myopia, they can progress through working in devices. Therefore, it is necessary to have proper correction with glasses or contact lenses not to cause additional eye strain.

How to work appropriately online to preserve your eyesight

Our lives are directly connected to computers, tablets, and phones, so in today’s world, it is almost impossible to use gadgets for less than 40 minutes, which would be ideal. However, there are a few tips to help preserve your eyesight while working online.

  1. Take five-minute breaks for 45 minutes.Taking your eyes away from your computer or phone for at least five minutes can reduce eye strain and fatigue. This will positively affect your eyes, and they will not be overstressed. Therefore, regardless of whether you work with a phone or computer, it is advisable to take breaks of 45 minutes or an hour. Even if a person works for eight hours straight, small breaks from gadgets help keep vision stable.
  2. Follow eye exercises.During five-minute breaks from gadgets, you can do eye exercises to help relax them and reduce the risk of developing computer syndrome.

For example, stand at a distance of 30 centimeters from the window and find a point on it at which you will look. Then transfer your gaze to the object as far away from you as possible, and repeat this exercise several times in a row. If you constantly work at the same distance, the eye gets tired, and with this exercise, you will be able to reduce the tension in the eye muscles and preserve your vision.

Another exercise is the circular rotation of the closed eyes and their movement from right to left. Lightly pressing your hands on your eyelids will help relax your eyes.

It is best to perform each exercise for two minutes or alternate them: during the first break from the computer to do the first exercise, and during the next do the other.

  1. Use moisturizing drops.When working at the computer, the eyes dry out and need extra hydration, so if a person performs a lot with devices, he should use drops. Almost all drops contain hyaluronic acid and vitamins to help hydrate the eye.

In general, drops can be used daily. It is better to take them with you to work to put drops in your eyes during breaks. However, if a person does not have this option, you can use the dots in the morning before work and at night before going to bed. If you feel discomfort in the eyes, you need to do it more often.

After the injection, you need to rub your eyes for 20-30 seconds to allow the drop to disperse over the entire surface of the cornea, and then you can continue to work.

To choose the right drops, you should consult a qualified specialist. He will detect possible problems with the eyes and understand whether they are related to computer syndrome. The treatment prescribed by an ophthalmologist will preserve your vision and improve the condition of your eyes while working with gadgets.

  1. Watch your distance.If you work on your phone, you need to keep it at a comfortable distance – about 30-45 centimeters from your eyes.
  2. Wear lenses or glasses to work.If a person has vision problems, you should wear lenses or glasses when working on the phone or computer. This will help avoid overstressing the muscles of the eye. You can also choose drinks with a special filter that blocks the blue radiation spectrum from screens.
  3. Don’t forget to turn on the light.It is essential to work in a lighted room because, in the darkness, the visual and nervous system is strained more than usual. Because when it’s dark and light is emitted only from a gadget screen, a person’s retinas become overstressed, and headaches can occur. If you have to work at night, turning on the light around you is better.
  4. Sit up straight.When a person leans over a laptop or tablet, they strain their back and head, which can cause vasospasm. And he, in turn, can cause decreased vision. Therefore, the computer and laptop must be placed in front of the eyes. The phone should also be kept in front of you.

If you follow all these points every day, then working at the computer or on the phone will be as comfortable.

In addition, particular vitamins that saturate the retina and reduce computer syndrome manifestations will help preserve vision. It is a complex of vitamins that contains zinc and lutein, which is a pigment that ensures the normal functioning of the retina. Such vitamins can be taken as a course twice a year, but it is necessary to consult a doctor before buying them.

To maintain normal vision, you should add fish, carrots, red and green products to your diet. They also contain beta-carotene, the pigment that is a precursor of vitamin A, which plays a vital role in maintaining healthy eyes.

When to visit a doctor

Every year, a person should have a routine eye exam with an ophthalmologist, allowing them to detect eye disease in its early stages. However, if your vision drops dramatically, your eyes are red, dry, and irritated, you should see a doctor early to prevent eye disease complications.