Which Technologies Are Breaking Into the World of Online Gambling?

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Gambling in Poland has a rich history that dates back to the 1920s. In the City of Sopot, the country’s first-even casino opened and attracted a lot of tourists. That’s why this city will always hold a special place in the heart of Polish gamblers. 

Since then, the gambling industry has grown. The advent of the internet age further propelled this growth in Poland by making the casinos more accessible to everyone through nowe kasyna online 2022

Jacek Michalski, our resident casino expert, will tell you about the most exciting technologies at online gambling industry today

5G Development and Rollout 

March 2020 saw the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) auction off 5G frequencies. This was done to create the physical infrastructure necessary to improve 5G coverage throughout Poland. According to the International Trade Commission, this move will create at least 250 base stations by 2023. 

For Polish players, this means faster connectivity that will get even better as time goes on. Connection issues were a problem, particularly with live table games. Apart from pixelated videos, gamers also experience lags and freezing. But with faster downloads, uploads, and lower pings, players will be able to enjoy an ultimately more enriched gaming experience. 

The 5G rollout is far from complete, but you can experience the benefits right now. This internet upgrade made the development of games using VR and AR tech possible. And without connectivity issues to think of, the popularity of live table games increased.

Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality is becoming more commonplace in online casinos. The same goes for augmented reality. And it’s safe to say that, in the short time since it’s been introduced, it has already cemented its place as a permanent part of online gambling. 

This tech allows players to have a more immersive experience, closer to what people normally experience when playing face-to-face. Using a VR headset, you can enhance your gaming beyond what a computer screen can provide. 

And thanks to faster internet connectivity brought about by 5G, the experience won’t be ruined by lags. But this doesn’t just affect virtual casinos. Considering the growing popularity of virtual reality in online gaming, it’s no surprise that even land-based casinos are now investing in VR.

Cryptocurrency Betting 

Cryptocurrency is taking the online gambling world by storm! Even though its usage in online casinos hasn’t been in place for a long time, it’s already seen as an industry gamechanger. Many gamblers in Poland and all around the world prefer paying with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin because of:

  •     Transparency and security. Because blockchain technology is encrypted, none of the transactions can be manipulated or edited.
  •     Privacy. You don’t have to use your credit card or give out your bank account information anymore. With cryptocurrency, you can retain your privacy and anonymity.
  •     Convenience. There’s no bank or intermediary or any kind that delays the processing of your winnings. Transferring cryptocurrency is so fast that you can complete the transfer process in just a few minutes. 

The preferred transaction method is clearly shifting from cash to crypto. That’s why more online casinos are now accepting it as one of their payment methods. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Did you know that most casino tech right now involves some form of artificial intelligence? Even outside online gambling, you’ve probably used it without realizing it. If you’ve ever used Siri, Alexa, or even Google’s text-to-speech command, congratulations! You’ve now used AI. 

For online casinos, in particular, the most important use of AI right now is for chatbots. There are no real people to assist you with your queries in real-time. To remedy the situation, you get answers from chatbots instead. 

AI also improves your gaming experience by suggesting games based on what you’ve played before. This allows you to mix it up by letting you explore other options without trying everything. 

Mobile Gaming 

The concept of mobile gaming itself may not be new, but it surely is making waves in the world of online gambling. Players nowadays enjoy the convenience of getting to gamble using a portable handset. And because you can take your phone everywhere, you can play anytime you want. 

Before, there was always a stark difference between the gaming quality on a computer and a mobile device. There was a time when it was not available on your smartphone at all!

But recognizing the potential reach that having a mobile app can provide, they’ve started investing in those as well. Newbies can even play free to hone their skills until they’re confident enough to bet their money. 


Like how the internet transformed gambling, online casino technology will continue to evolve with the industry. Our advice? Use these technologies as soon as possible to improve your experience!