Tips to Take Care of Your Dry Lips in Winter Season

Cold weather
Photo: Pixabay

In the winter season, our skin becomes dry, rough, and lifeless. And before the winter, the dryness of the lips indicates that winter is coming.

The petroleum jelly should be always in the bag so that our fingers can touch it in the bag easily. We have to take care of the lips to keep the softness like a rose.

What to do

  • Massage the lips for just two minutes a day with milk, honey, and sugar to smooth your lips. You’ll find a wonderful result.
  • Massage the rose flower petals for pink lips, wash them in five minutes.
  • If we have a wet body, the lips will not dry. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Go to sleep at night with olive oil on your lips.
  • If your lips are dry, never wet with the tongue, keep the lip balm with it. Take a few hours to get back.
  • Use moisturizer-rich lipsticks, not mats, during the winter.

Vitamin C rich fruit orange, Amalaki, and take care of the lips every day. It is the sweet smile that you can welcome the winter.



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