Wedding Tips: How to Plan Your Dream on a Budget

wedding on a budget
Photo: Pixabay

Every groom and bride looks forward to their Indian wedding because of its grandeur, but while it may seem like a dream, preparing the ideal wedding takes a significant financial outlay. With all the glitz and glitter, you must be well aware of the expenses involved in planning such an extravaganza. This can be a difficult procedure because the main difficulty is controlling the hopes and emotions of family and friends. But in order to create priceless memories, you don’t need a certain budget; all you need is the correct technique to carry out your plan flawlessly. Prioritizing your needs in order to fulfill your dream wedding is the key to wedding planning on a budget that works for you. A step-by-step manual to make the process easier for you so that you can easily calculate your wedding budget.

Completing the budget first

Establishing a broad budget range for your special day is the first and most crucial step. Setting the budget range at the outset can help you aim your creative energy in the proper directions. Planning a wedding can be a stressful and time-consuming procedure. In reality, you may use a budgeting tool to streamline the process. This tool will not only make it easier for you to give a budget to different vendors, but it will also make it easier for you to efficiently handle each work and the associated payments.

Selecting the “correct” date

Deciding on the date and time of your wedding is frequently the most important aspect in wedding planning. Depending on your desire, this can come after the budget step or even come before. The cost of a wedding will often be greater if it is planned during a month with many wedding dates or mahurats because of the high cost of booking a venue, but if it is planned on a non-saaya date, the same venue will be less expensive. Similar circumstances will apply to other merchants, such as those that offer apparel, jewelry, dancing, photography, etc. Non-saaya dates and other suggested dates can assist you in keeping everything within your selected budget and constructing an unforgettable experience free from pain. Therefore, whether you decide to have a daytime wedding with simple decor or an evening wedding with lots of glitz and glitter, the main goal is to make it unforgettable.

Making the guest list

The preparation of the guest list is a crucial next stage in wedding preparations. The amount of money you have set aside for the venue, catering, etc. will depend on whether you want it to be an intimate gathering or a grand spectacle. Whether you have 100 or 800 guests, everyone of them will be there to celebrate your love as a couple, so the goal is to make priceless memories while staying within your means.

Selecting a location

Deciding on the ideal wedding location in accordance with the chosen day and time is the next crucial step in the process. The right location may help set the right tone for your wedding and guarantee that you’ll have the most gorgeous wedding photos ever. If you had a large money, you could hold a lavish wedding at any one of the nation’s 5-star hotels or historic buildings. With a large budget, you may have a royal affair on a spacious field in your city or at a well-known location for a destination wedding, whether it’s an in-town wedding or a destination wedding. You can captivate your guests with stunning settings at your custom sites even on a tight budget. These can be your own backyard, a family garden, a friend’s farmhouse, or one of your ancestors’ homes. These settings heighten the emotions present and aid in allocating your funds to other crucial suppliers like décor, photography, etc.


One of the most crucial aspects of wedding preparation that could make or break your ideal wedding vision is the decor. It brings the setting’s splendor to life. Therefore, the next important stage in your wedding preparation process is selecting your decor. Depending on your budget, you could choose elegant decor for a royal affair or simple decor for a wedding. Reusing parts whenever you can is a terrific method to reduce floral arrangement costs if you’re on a tight budget. Reuse ceremony flowers for the reception, and decorate tables with natural decor. If you have a larger budget, some of the newest trends for you to make an unforgettable impression include beautiful decor that covers the ceiling, vintage backdrops, and chandeliers. These will raise the elegance of your wedding celebration.

Finalizing other vendors

Once the previous details have been resolved, you can go on to other significant suppliers, such as apparel, jewelry, choreographers, photographers, etc. Even if they are decided upon at the very end, these also heighten the wedding’s grandeur. Therefore, after allocating funds for the aforementioned duties, it is also necessary to consider a particular sum for these suppliers. If you want to go all out for your wedding on a tight budget, designer clothing, jewelry, and high-end choreographers are available, but renting clothing and jewelry is the more cost-effective option. Repurposing items you currently own is another technique to help you stay inside your spending limit. Clothes, props, furniture, glass bottles, wooden crates, etc. may all be reused. This provides your home a distinctive touch and adds a creative aspect. Another is to always have a backup budget to cover any unforeseen costs. This will enable you to effectively manage your funds while avoiding the extra stress.