Why Kids Need to Wear Upgraded Masks for Return to School

Kids masks
Photo: AP/David Goldman

As children in Delhi return to school on Monday (February 14) and the school reopening movement gains traction across the country in the aftermath of diminishing Covid-19 instances, it is critical to safeguard the safety of the children as they prepare to return to normalcy.

Experts suggest that upgrading children’s masks becomes even more vital once they begin attending physical courses because they will be exposed to germs, viruses, and microbes. As kids return to school, they should be taught about social distance rules.

“For the past two years, our children have been confined to their homes, in antiseptic conditions, potentially reducing their chances of contracting coronavirus.” But we may not have considered that their natural immunity and antibodies may have been decreased as a result of their lack of exposure to pathogens/microbes, making them more susceptible to other ailments! With schools reopening, our children will be returning to classrooms, which are breeding grounds for viruses, particularly due to a lack of ventilation,” says Jai Dhar Gupta, Founder & CEO of Nirvana Being and a founding member of the citizen’s initiative ‘My Right to Breathe.’

N95 FFP2 masks, he claims, are the best for youngsters since they are particularly good against Covid and other viruses. This assertion is backed up by a study released by the Max Planck Institute, which claims that well-fitting FFP2 masks lower the probability of COVID-19 infection by 0.1 percent.

“N95 FFP2 masks for kids that are well-fitting, breathable, reusable, and washable, as well as those that come in fun designs for youngsters,” Gupta advises.

How do you pick the right mask for your child?

When looking for a suitable N95 mask for kids, keep the following factors in mind:

Filtration: N95 Masks instill trust in mask wearers by providing excellent virus filtration effectiveness (96 percent) and particle filtration efficiency.

Choose a mask that comes in a variety of sizes and has an adjustable noseband and ear loops for a secure fit.

Comfort: A breathable and comfortable mask allows children to breathe in and out easily while wearing the N95 mask, removing the challenge of wearing the mask for the full day.

Design: Choose a mask manufacturer that offers entertaining N95 mask designs for your children so that they will desire to wear their masks for extended periods of time.

Sustainability: As long as COVID-19 exists, you should purchase a reusable and washable N95 mask that will last you 5-6 months.

Certifications: A mask that hasn’t been thoroughly tested is a mask that can’t be trusted. Before purchasing a mask, always request essential test reports and certificates so that you may send your children to school with confidence and peace of mind.

Why surgical or cotton masks may not be adequate protection?

The melt-blown polymer inside the 3-Ply & Surgical Mask (Non-Certified) is designed to operate as a filter, preventing microorganisms from entering or exiting the masks. The edges of 3-ply and surgical masks, on the other hand, do not make a tight seal around your nose or mouth, allowing viruses and aerosol to enter your airway when you inhale. In a nutshell, these masks do not provide inhaled air filtering! Furthermore, they are not accredited to provide any kind of security,” Gupta warns.

“Loosely woven cotton masks give the least protection, according to the C.D.C.’s revised definition of masks, because they do not provide any filtration on the inhale.” According to one study, cotton mask filtration efficiency ranged from as low as 1.4 percent to 98 percent,” he says.

The electrostatic charge on N95 Medical or disposable masks dissipates within 8 hours, after which the masks lose their filtration efficacy. Only health and front-line personnel should use this mask.

“During these unpredictable times, the N95 FFP2 mask is the greatest bet for your children. While typical N95 masks only filter down to 0.3 microns with 95% efficacy, a new generation of masks has just emerged that uses nanofiber filters to filter down to 0.1 microns with 95% efficacy. “These are not only safe, but they also provide the finest value for money because they are washable and reusable,” Gupta explains.

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