Poldark Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Story and What We Know so far

Poldark Season 6
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Poldark season 6, a sequel of British historical drama Poldark first aired on BBC One in the UK in 2015. The Poldark was based on the novel of the same name by Winston Graham. The series was written for television by Debbie Horsfield picked up by the PBS television network for viewers in the United States. Set in Cornwall between 1781 and 1801, “Poldark” chronicles the various adventures of the protagonist after returning to his hometown following the War of Independence in 1783.

Poldark season 5 continues the events of the last episode and follows Ross and Demelza in their very simple life revolving around their family, fishing, mining, and friends. However, a peculiar piece of information from London distracts Ross from the few adventures that await him. In Ross’s absence, Demelza cares for Nampara and, in the meantime, a certain maid enters Demelza’s life. George is still devastated after Elizabeth’s death. On the other hand, both the Karen and the Ennis struggle with their own demons.

The Poldark season 5 will begin on BBC in July 2019 and on PBS in September 2019. The question now is: will there be Poldark season 6? We’ll find out here.

Preview of Poldark season 5

After a difficult death, Elizabeth Ross and Demelza settle into a simple life of family, fishing, and friends (and mining, of course). But, as always, our hero can’t live a simple life, and news that an old friend is in trouble directs Ross’s tricorn to London, where adventures and misadventures await!

While Ross is away, Demelza works at Nampara and the mine, and a rebellious young maid hobnobs with Demelza’s trust. George survives Elizabeth’s death, but even his immense grief does not prevent him from dealing with Ralph Hanson, a corrupt mahogany trader whose business was built on the backs of slaves.

But Hanson’s daughter, as Jeffrey Charles points out, is as pure as her father….. As for our beloved newlyweds, the Karns, and the real spouses, the Enys, each couple nevertheless has old demons to exorcise and wounds to heal.

Poldark season 6 release date

The BBC has given us some legendary shows and series that we can never forget and Poldark is one of them. Poldark season 6 is among the series that have managed to win our hearts with its incredible concept and execution. The Poldark series aired in March 2015 and won several awards in different categories. The Poldark season 5 aired in 2019, but it has left us with the hope that Poldark season 6 will come soon.

But we know that this series was adapted from Winston Graham’s novel. If you watch all five seasons, it seems that the entire plot of Poldark’s first season of the novel was covered. It’s very unlikely that the creators would do that and distort the concept of the original novel. But another peculiarity is that Graham wrote a total of 12 books and the series only covers 7. However, the rest of the books are a transition from the Poldark story to later generations.

So, if BBC One rebroadcasts the series, we could see Poldark season 6 with a completely different plot. Let’s hope for the best.

Poldark Season 6 plot twists

We have already mentioned that the story is an adaptation of a novel. And that the creators worked up to a thriller. It took them five seasons to reach the climax. However, the adaptation is not complete. So, in that sense, the series needs to spend a few more seasons to be perfect. The novel consists of 12 books in total. So we can wait a few more seasons to complete the novel and get to the end. We guess you have to wait to find out.

Poldark Season 6 story

Demelza, played by Eleanor Tomlinson, tries to deal with a wayward new maid, and Geoffrey Charles, played by Freddie Wise, has an affair with a new lady. Author Winston Graham has created twelve novels about Ross Poldark, his family, and his enemies, and so far Poldark only includes the first seven books. This also shows and proves that there is a possibility of Poldark’s return.

There’s a lot of gear involving Ross and Demelza’s children. But will Poldark season 6 return? The question remains: will there be a sixth season of Poldark? It has been confirmed that season five will be the last season of the BBC series. It has been said that there will be no time jump, but the next season will tell what happens to the next generation of Poldark.

This is the first time Poldark has gone beyond the book, but it remains firmly rooted in history. Ned Despard was a real figure in the abolitionist movement, and his political goals were controversial, to say the least. Without spoiling the story, Ned is about to get Ross in serious trouble. Stay tuned for season six, as Poldark season five will be the series finale.

Poldark Season 6 cast

If the series is miraculously renewed, the cast will be at its peak:

  • Aidan Turner: Captain Ross Vennor Poldark
  • Eleanor Tomlinson: Demelza Poldark
  • Ruby Bentall: Verity Blamey.
  • Caroline Blackiston: Agatha Poldark
  • Phil Davis: Judd Painter
  • Beaty Edney: Painter Prudy
  • Jack Farthing: George Warleggan
  • Luke Norris: Dr. Dwight Ennis
  • Heyda Reed: Elizabeth Warleggan
  • Kyle Soller: Francis Poldark
  • Tristan Starrock: Captain Zachy Martin
  • Pip Torrence: Cary Warleggan
  • Warren Clarke: Charles Poldark.
  • Gabriella Wilde: Caroline Ennis
  • John Nettles: Ray Penvenen
  • Christian Brassington: Reverend Osborne “Ossie” Whitworth
  • Ellis Chappell: Morwenna Carne
  • Sean Gilder: Tollie Tregirls
  • Harry Richardson: Drake Carne
  • Lieutenant Hugh Armitage: Josh Whitehouse
  • Thom Yorke: Sam Carne.
  • Tim Dutton: Joseph Merceron
  • Kerry McLean: Katherine “Kitty” Despard
  • Vincent Regan: Colonel Edward “Ned” Despard
  • Peter Sullivan: Ralph Hanson

Will there be Poldark season 6?

Since the end of Poldark season 5, people have been waiting with great curiosity for Poldark season 6. This curiosity is very obvious if you have finished watching the fifth season. Unfortunately, the creators of “Poldark” have already announced that the fifth season will be the last season of the drama series.

Even after this statement, you can look forward to the sixth season of Poldark. Why? As you already know, the creators used the first eight Winton Graham novels for the script. There are still four more novels to explore. Here’s what I think Poldark season 6 might look like.

There are many other reasons why I’m looking forward to season 6 of Poldark. “Poldark” producer Karen Trussell said who knows what will happen next. That’s what she said when asked about season 6 of Poldark in an interview.

Poldark writer Debbie Horsfield has reaffirmed that she would be willing to write a sixth season. So there is still hope for a sixth season. Now, the fate of Poldark season 6 will be decided by time.


It won Best Television Ensemble at the 2016 BAFTA Awards and the 2018 Satellite Awards. The nominations are as follows.

  • Twice at the Irish Film and Television Awards (2016 and 2017).
  • Twice for the National Television Awards, UK (2016 and 2017).
  • Once for the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, 2016.
  • Three times for the Royal Television Society, UK (2016, 2017, 2018).

The movie “Poldark” has a rating of 8.3 out of 10 on IMDb. The movie has also received equally good ratings on other websites.

  • IMDb – 8.3/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes – 87%.
  • Metacritic – 72
  • Google users: 94% like it

As there is no official news yet, we are not telling our readers if the series will be canceled or renewed, or if there will be a spin-off of the series. We will only confirm once the BBC or writer Winston has confirmed it. If you want to know more about the story, you can read the novels or re-watch Poldark on Netflix. Also, say in the comments what you thought of the Poldark season 5 finale of the series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Poldark die in the books?

No, he lived a long life beyond the age of 60.

Poldark Season 6 canceled?

The award-winning British BBC classic is a mythical comedy that blends multiple genres. The series ran for five seasons from 2015 to 2019. In 2019, the final season premiered, bringing Poldark’s life to a fitting end.

Speaking to the creators through various sources, it is understood that there will be no sequel to the season. However, they have also not confirmed the cancellation of the series.

If the various statements are anything to go by, we have just established that the creators do not want Poldark season 6. After all, the series was created solely to show the life of Poldark, which we saw very well until season five.

But given its popularity, we can expect a spin-off series with a completely different plot that could focus on the lives of Poldark’s children.

As is known, the original book series consists of 12 books, and Poldark season 5 ended with book 7, leaving five more books that could help the producers create another spin-off of the series. In the meantime, we will have to re-watch Poldark on Netflix.

Is Poldark available on Netflix?

If you’re looking for full seasons of Poldark on Netflix, sorry. There are only four seasons of Poldark on Netflix, to watch season five you can turn to the BBC.

Will there be Poldark season 7?

Premiere date: Poldark season 7 will air on September 29, 2020, on the U.S. PBS Masterpiece channel. Previous seasons are also available on iTunes, iPlayer, BBC One, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

How did Valentine Warleggan die?

When Selina gives birth to her son, a scandal forces her to leave Valentine. George took her in with his grandson and stood by her side. Valentine became reckless, incurred many debts, became addicted to alcohol, and finally died at the age of 26.

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