Bloodborne 2 Release Date, Updates and All You Need to Know

Bloodborne 2
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Bloodborne 2 is one of the most common requests from gamers in the gaming community, and while we don’t have anything official yet, we do have a very extensive concept by a fan that shows what it could be.

It’s been a long time since Bloodborne came out on PS4, so Software’s development schedule looks a bit like Bethesda’s.

It is often said that patience is a virtue, but even so, the wait is very hard. When it comes to game sequels, it can take years of fan torture for a sequel to finally see the light of day. There are many franchises and indie games that are begging for sequels, but have yet to be released. In some cases, a sequel is announced, but takes a while to come out, as with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. In other cases, you have to wait to find out if there will even be a sequel. That’s exactly what’s happening with Bloodborne right now.

Bloodborne is an endearing Souls-style RPG that was so highly praised by fans and critics that it deserved a sequel. However, Bloodborne was released in 2015. The lack of an announced sequel speaks volumes about how the software developer will handle sequels to its other big hits. After all, it now has Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in mind as a sequel, and the more standalone games it releases, the more interesting the sequel prospects will be. At this rate, From Software could become the next studio that, like Bethesda, has a reputation for developing sequels slowly.

Bloodborne 2 concept

Under the title Bloodborne 2, Blood Hunt, Resetera user “Garden of Eyes” has shared on the forums his concept trailer for Bloodborne 2. It’s a fully realized concept with its own gameplay, which can be seen in the trailer below. Check it out, but spoiler? This is awesome:

The concept includes new bosses and NPCs, as well as an idea for a new boss arena. “After the events of the first game,” the creator explains, “a nameless hunter defeated the source of the dream, the nameless lunar presence, and went to a higher plane, starting a new childhood and calling himself Apotheos. If you thought the hunt was over once and for all, think again.

The original post, which can be viewed here, shows several new patterns, including the following:

  • Aziel, the Lost King – Inspired by the name of the vampire Raziel in Legacy of Kain.
  • Eyla, the messenger of the cosmos – inspired by the Turkish name Ayla, which means “ring of light around the moon”.
  • Shula, Scorched – inspired by the Arabic word meaning “flame”.
  • Zaar, the elder of the storm – inspired by the name Saar, which means “storm” in Hebrew.

The concept also includes the Blood Rifts, which allow players to travel to the world of Yharnam to “return to the place where it all began” and end the nightmare. The goal of the game is to break the ties between humanity and the Great Beings. This fan adventure will take you to distant times.

Bloodborne 2: Slow and steady

It’s easy to compare the software to Bethesda’s for Bloodborne. Bethesda is known for taking an extremely long time to develop a new installment of The Elder Scrolls. The studio cashed in on the success of Skyrim, re-releasing it on and off for nearly a decade before announcing The Elder Scrolls 6. And even now, fans know nothing about The Elder Scrolls 6, and it will be years before the game is released. The same goes for Bethesda’s Fallout game, whose releases regularly occur four years or more apart. Bethesda keeps putting out games in genres that interest them, but take a long time to develop.

The same can be said of From Software. While Bethesda occasionally contributes to fantasy and science fiction, From Software contributes to a genre similar to Souls; after all, it was From Software that developed Dark Souls. Even after the release of Bloodborne, From Software slowed down its release schedule a bit. Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice were released within three years of each other, while big game releases were denser in previous years. Elden Ring, From Software’s only known AAA project at the moment, has yet to receive a release date, and its release could be a long time coming. The software seems to have fewer and fewer projects going on at the same time, which means that the release of a game will be slower than before.

Playing the long game

At first glance, the long lull between game releases seems frustrating to fans. However, for sequels to truly live up to the first games, there has to be a difference. From Software’s slow development schedule should not be seen as sluggishness, but diligence. The studio seems really focused on creating blockbusters, judging by Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, and Sekiro in the last five years. Expectations are high for the studio. So it makes sense that From Software would rather take its time to polish the game than release it quickly to satisfy fans.

Bloodborne 2 release is far from confirmed. Moreover, some believe that hopes for a sequel are fading given Bloodborne’s poor support on the PS5. Still, it’s always possible that From Software won’t devote many resources to the first game in order to quietly focus on the second. However, if a sequel is in development, it says a lot about how From Software will approach game development in the future. For fans, patience really becomes a virtue to possess. Even the best studios sometimes take time to release their masterpieces.

Bloodborne is now available on PS4

Bloodborne PS5 fan trailer shows off impressive Arena mode. A fan-made trailer for Bloodborne 2 for PlayStation 5 has surfaced online showing off the incredible implementation of Arena mode.

A fan has recently created a trailer for the highly anticipated Bloodborne 2 game for PlayStation 5. The fan-made video shows an impressive display of Arena mode features. Bloodborne’s sixth anniversary took place at the end of March this year, and once again, the milestone passed without any hint that From Software and Sony might still be working on the game.

That’s why gamers are inventing their own games, and YouTuber Vaatividya, the author of Soulsborne, has created the Imagining Bloodborne 2 contest. Vaatividya announced the $2,500 art contest in early February, the entry deadline for which has now closed. Those who submitted artwork could appear in an art book that the YouTuber hopes to develop. However, one person submitted a project that is not part of the compilation and deserves to be highlighted.

While fans are still waiting for Bloodborne’s official update for the PS5, YouTuber Garden of Eyes has taken the trouble to explore another perspective of Bloodborne on Sony’s latest console. The fans have put together a Bloodborne 2 trailer, subtitled Blood Hunt, whose story includes parts that take place before the fall of Yharnam. Interestingly, the trailer also shows off an arena mode, The Void, which allows players to choose their preferred battlefield, day and night options, as well as enemies and their respective buffs. The Arena mode presentation starts at minute 1:10 of the video below:

Suffice it to say that the performance shown in the Garden of Eyes video is quite impressive. It also serves as a reminder of just how hungry Bloodborne fans are for more. And that hunger has intensified in recent months, following the release of Bluepoint’s excellent remake of Demon’s Souls.

Bloodborne was released for PS4 in March 2015 to critical and player acclaim. While the game looked wonderful at the time, the technological advancements available on consoles since Bloodborne’s release show that the game hasn’t held up very well in some respects. As such, fans are still waiting for the official 60fps patch that will bring the beloved action game to a modern level.

What Bloodborne 2 can fix from the original game?

Bloodborne was one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives, but Bloodborne 2 could improve on the weaknesses of this fantastic game.

From Software’s content is as challenging as it is exciting, which is why Sony was lucky enough to get Bloodborne as an exclusive. The original game received rave reviews from critics and fans alike and has since been considered one of the studio’s best games. There’s still no official announcement of a sequel, but for fans of the 2015 hit, it would be a surprise. However, no game is perfect. So Bloodborne second season would be a great opportunity for Software Studios to fix the flaws of the first game.

At first glance, Bloodborne looks very similar to Dark Souls. Both have dodges with invulnerability frames, a stamina bar, and an equally brutal difficulty level. But what sets them apart are the environments and the speed of the combat systems. Dark Souls takes place in a medieval fantasy world with slower combat, while Bloodborne has a gothic, Victorian setting with fast-paced combat. The game does away with shields, encourages aggressive play, and speeds up player and enemy actions. Dark Souls fans loved the way it shook up the formula, and new players raved about the environments and the intensity of each fight.

These new elements are the highlight of Bloodborne, but there is also a unique weapon system. In the Dark Souls series, weapons had very similar moves when they were one-handed or two-handed, but in Bloodborne, tapping the triangle completely transforms the weapon. As a result, the creativity is endless in motion games, as they can suddenly transform into something completely new. However, even with all these exciting new features, Bloodborne is missing some categories that Bloodborne second season could improve upon.

How Bloodborne 2 can fix Bloodborne’s problems?

It’s true that fans of the Souls series have praised Bloodborne for its many virtues in the past, but Bloodborne 2 has room for improvement. One of the main problems with the original game was the lack of variety. While the DLC has helped fix this, there are only 15 weapons in the base game, and some of them even have very similar attacks, such as the saw blade and saw spear. Armor sets change the way players look, but statistically, they offer few advantages or disadvantages, so most of the time it doesn’t matter what armor you wear. Most of Bloodborne’s enemies are variations of the twisted beast or psychotic villager, which is annoying towards the end of the game. Bloodborne second season needs more options.

Most of these problems are actually easy to fix, especially if Software has plenty of time to develop Bloodborne 2 properly. Many of the weapons from the original game and its DLC should appear in the second season. Also, there are a few new weapons to encourage more unique builds. However, one of the easiest things to improve in the sequel is the game’s performance. Bloodborne ran at 30 frames per second, which disappointed many gamers, especially in this day and age where many consider 60 frames per second to be the norm. Fans modified Bloodborne to run at 60 frames per second. But it wasn’t even necessary. The second season of the Bloodborne game series will supposedly take advantage of the extra power of the PS5 to create a better performing game. The original game is already so great that a potential Bloodborne 2 wouldn’t need to put more effort into creating a masterpiece.

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