Yoga to Build Positive Attitude in Kids

Yoga for kids
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Children have trouble dealing with hard feelings just like adults do. Yoga helps adults calm their minds and bodies by making them move. It helps get rid of stress and anxiety in the body. In the same way, yoga can also be good for children. Often, kids don’t know how to show how they feel. Some people keep their bad feelings inside, while others say mean things and act violently.

Sabrina Merchant, the founder of Li’l Yogis, told Hindustan Times, “Parents or close friends often try to do this, but children also need to be aware of their own feelings and emotions and be ready to deal with them.” Taking a moment to focus on the breath and relax the body can really help them let go of stress and worry. Focusing on the things that have gone well and teaching them to see things in a positive light will fill them with positivity.”

Sabrina Merchant also said that moving around can help kids deal with hard feelings and have a positive view of life. “Poses like the downward dog and the bridge pose help us relax, get more flexible, and feel like we’re doing something. They also give us more energy, make us more motivated, and help us be more creative. The flower breath helps loosen up the muscles in the face, let go of bad feelings, and relax. Set a good example for your child, as kids learn a lot from their parents and other adults. Our kids pay close attention to how we deal with bad feelings or act when things don’t go as planned.

The fitness expert also wrote down a few yoga poses (called asanas) that can help kids think in a positive way. Here’s what they are:

Setu Bandhasana

Setu Bandhasana is also called the Bridge Pose. It helps stretch the spine and strengthen the muscles in the abdomen and legs. It also makes the body feel more alive and helps get rid of stress.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

The Down Dog Pose helps to build strength in the upper body, arms, shoulders, stomach, and legs. It also improves blood flow and helps stretch the back, ankles, calves, hamstrings, and spine.


This yoga pose helps strengthen the muscles in the back, legs, and shoulders, especially the quadriceps and gluteus.

The Lion’s Breath

This yoga pose helps the child get rid of extra energy and get in touch with his or her inner strength and courage.

Breath of Flowers

This helps kids connect with nature, pay attention to their breathing, and let go of stress.