Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents and How to Win a Claim?

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents
Photo Credit: Sonja Bradley

A motorcycle accident can be both fatal and traumatic. This is because, unlike a car, a motorcycle exposes the rider to more injury.

To significantly reduce this, manufacturers have included safety features like grippy tires, anti-lock, combined braking system, rear lift-off protection, and stability control, among others.

All of these features can only reduce but never eliminate the possibility of an accident.

Below are some common causes of motorcycle accidents:

1. Overspeeding

Speeding is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents and the injury is likely to be worse than when riding at a slower speed. This is because a high-speed bike will need greater braking distance to come to a stop.

Likewise, the impact of collision when speeding is higher too. This is why it is usually advised to adhere to the recommended speed while riding your motorcycle.

2. Inexperience

A considerable number of motorcycle accidents involved riders without a license. It takes expertise to immediately gauge the situation when an accident is about. Proper training can help a rider avert accidents and in extreme cases mitigate fatality.

3. Distraction

Although some riders might argue they only need their eyes on the road and hands on the handlebar, engaging other parts of the sense organs can result in an accident.

Distraction while riding is due to a rider receiving or making calls, and sometimes listening to music. These activities can distract you and reduce the response time to an emergency such as an animal crossing the road.

4. Alcohol

Riding a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol can significantly impairs judgment. More than anything, your swiftness in handling a possible accident is paramount. 

Consuming alcohol before riding makes you a danger to yourself and other vehicle owners on the road.

5. Traffic Rule Violation

Jumping red lights, not paying attention to pedestrians crossing, or not noticing a traffic sign can result in an accident.

It’s also recommended for motorcycle riders to use a helmet, but some people usually ignore this. The helmet is meant to protect and could be a life-saver in case of an accident.

How to Win a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Sometimes, a motorcycle accident is not entirely your fault even when you are guilty of any of the common causes of the accident.

An error on the part of the manufacturer or the other drivers especially in a multiple vehicle accident could have contributed to the accident.

In such a situation, you are entitled to a claim which would likely cover expenses for the repair of any damage to your motorcycle and medical treatment expenses.

Hiring the best motorcycle accident lawyer can give you an edge in getting your claim. However, considering the tips below can significantly boost your chance of winning the claim;

1. Call the Police

Getting the accident documented by a law enforcement officer is good for your case. This is applicable even when the accident is minor. 

Don’t hesitate to also contact your insurance company on the spot and if possible, collect the insurance details of the other drivers or passengers involved in the accident.

2. Gather Evidence

You should start building your case from the scene of the accident. Get the names and contact details of all witnesses. Take pictures and make videos of the accident scene and the vehicles involved.

If you are in a situation you can’t do this yourself, beg someone around to help with it and drop your email so they can forward it to you.

3. Treat Injuries Medically

Get yourself to a hospital to treat the injuries from the accident. This is for your health and would also help with your case. Keep the hospital bills along with any other incurred expenses due to the accident. They will help your lawyer accurately calculate the amount of compensation that would be requested.

4. Maintain the State of the Bike and Clothes

Pending the time your claim is awarded, don’t repair your motorcycle. This will help buttress your argument and show the extent of the other driver’s negligence.

Do the same thing for all other items you have with you during the accident such as if you have a bloodied cloth and a scratched or cracked helmet.

5. File a Claim Within the Statute of Limitation

There is a window of time for you to report a motorcycle accident. It varies from one region to another. Understanding your local law or consulting a lawyer can help with this.

Knowing this will ensure you don’t miss the deadline while you might still be trying to fix some other problems such as treating yourself. Engaging an attorney can take the burden off your shoulder while you can concentrate on health matters.