Google Search on Mobiles

Google Turns 24, Celebrating Birthday Today

Two PhD students came up with the notion of building a prototype of a large-scale search engine 24 years ago. Their project grew into Google, the world’s most popular...
Virtual Outfits

Try Virtual Outfits before Buying: The Future of Online Shopping

Trying on Outfits online would definitely solve a problem we've had since everyone started buying clothes on the Internet. To this day, buying new clothes from online stores is...
Photo Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

Top 10 Photo Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

Editing print files on an Android device can be tricky if you don't have the right app, so we've put together a list of the best print editor apps...

iPhone 14 Models, Features, Specs and Prices

The iPhone 14 has already begun shipping. Apple enthusiasts are ready for the upcoming season, as they are every year, when the business releases a new range of products...


common cold

How to Prepare for Flu Season?

Almost certainly, flu season will come. Every year, there are a few months when infections like the flu and, in recent years, also covid are common because of the...
Regular exercise

How to Start Exercise after 30s?

We understand that the later we start thinking about exercising, the more difficult it seems to be. Some people have become accustomed to being physically active throughout their lives,...
Health Benefits of Nigella Seeds

Amazing Health Benefits of Nigella Seeds

Since we were kids, we've heard that kalonji has magical health benefits. Can it really heal everything? Black cumin, kalonji, black cumin jeera, and black cumin seeds are all other...

The 3-Minute Japanese Routine to have More Flexibility

You should work on increasing your flexibility in addition to building more muscle, particularly if you want to feel good as you age or prevent issues and injuries in...