A Touch of Green Brightens up Your Concreate House

Green up your house
Photo: Pixabay

The greens are grey today due to urban roughness, pollution. There is a small number of trees in the world. There is no fresh breath. The more modern society is, the more it is ruining the beauty of nature. The result is a city of pollution today.

The picture of the whole world may not change, but it can be changed if you want to. I can bring the concrete home to the green. Let’s start the journey of green from the courtyard of our home. Whether it’s a small corner of a balcony or a house, it’s enough to plant trees.

Don’t think very much about it. Just start. In the morning, If you come up to the verandah with your eyes open, the green canvas appeared. It will bring the comfort of the eyes, and it will be accompanied by the comfort of the mind. Let’s learn how to get green at home.

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  • If there is a garden in front of the house or on the back or on the terrace, it is not the same. Put the rows in the tub, the flowers, and the fruit trees. You can also give some hanging pots of trees like a mind. The green corner can also be built in a limited area of your flat. It doesn’t require any preparation or cost. It’s the real thing. If Bansai is on the list of hate, you can plant all the leaves or vines.
  • If the sitting area is small, you can hang the tree or make iron-and-iron wall hangings of your choice. Then you can place the cactus or money plant in a small container.
  • A small tree can be placed in the middle of the dining table. You can also give the door frame a tree. You’ll find nice fresh weather when someone enters the house.

Nowadays, there are many designs of clay. You can plant them with the trees of choice. It will help you to know your taste buds. You can even put a glass bottle of the tree in your discarded glass.

So, start today with your green journey to the temple.

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