Apple Sets Stage for ‘Scary Fast’ iMac Reveal with M3 Chip

Apple iPhone 13
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Apple has scheduled an October product launch event where it is widely expected to unveil new Macs powered by its next-generation M3 chips. The keynote aims to boost Mac sales amid a slumping PC market.

October 30 Event to Showcase Upgraded Apple Silicon

Apple announced an October 30 keynote event with the tagline “scary fast”, hinting at new blazing-fast M3 Macs. The virtual-only event starts at 8PM ET.

The company typically introduces major new Macs alongside its latest proprietary silicon. The M3 chips will likely bring performance gains over 2021’s M2.

New 24-inch iMac With M3 Chip Most Likely Debut

Rumors suggest a refreshed 24-inch iMac with an M3 upgrade is planned for the event. The current 24-inch iMac still uses the original M1 chip from 2020.

The new model would bring Apple’s most compact, mainstream desktop in line with its latest silicon for a timely speed boost.

Mac Sales Declining in 2022 Amid PC Market Slowdown

The launch aims to spur Mac sales, which have dropped in 2022 amid a broader PC industry slowdown. Weak demand and excess inventory have impacted the computer market.

New, faster Macs could entice consumers to upgrade aging devices. More powerful Apple silicon helps Macs better compete with PCs.

Shift to In-House M1 Began in 2020, Extended With M2

Apple started its transition to proprietary M-series chips in 2020, beginning with M1-powered Macs. The move aimed to control its destiny versus relying on Intel.

In 2021, Apple unveiled M2 to power the latest MacBooks. The expected M3 is the next iteration of Apple’s custom silicon strategy.

No New iPads Rumored This Time Around

Interestingly, rumors point to the October event focusing solely on Macs. New iPads are unlikely to debut this time around.

Apple just held its annual September event for iPhones, Watches and AirPods. Macs typically get their own dedicated launch separate from other products.

Event Caps Active Month for Apple

The imminent keynote caps an action-packed month for Apple. September saw the unveiling of the iPhone 15 lineup with always-on displays, upgraded cameras, and other enhancements.

Apple also announced a new ultra-rugged Apple Watch model targeting extreme sports athletes and adventurers.

In summary, Apple’s October showcase looks set to introduce faster Macs using powerful new M3 silicon to spur sales and maintain its PC momentum in a down market. The streamlined event puts Macs in the spotlight.