Lionel Messi’s 5 Best MLS Moments: A Case for His Mount Rushmore Tribute

Lionel Messi MLS Moments Mount Rushmore

There is nothing more to say about Lionel Messi. We need him to stop playing football in a way that seems out of this world, as if he was sent from another planet to teach us how to play. The current vocabulary is not enough to capture his performance, so we might have to invent new words.

We will address that.

The most exceptional player has, as expected, been effortlessly dominating MLS. Remember in The Matrix when Keanu Reeves has a conversation with the young child with the shaved head, and he says, “There is no spoon?”

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So, he’s able to make the spoon do a loop-de-loop around itself using only his mind? We believe that Leo Messi has likely come to the conclusion that football is not real, allowing him to do whatever he pleases, regardless of physics.

He didn’t intentionally jump over the injured player recently. He focuses solely on the bright green numbers and letters scrolling on a black background, not on the defenders.
Here are five instances: The individual caused disruptions in MLS (Matrix League Soccer) using his extraordinary intellect and lightning-fast reflexes.

1. Vintage Leo

A shimmy, a set up, and a top corner are all examples. How is it that he is able to place the ball in the exact spot where the owl rests, the hornets nest, and the spider spins her web, all while leaning away from it and not giving it a second thought? A delicious goat.

2. 4-D Chess

There are five defenders converging on him. That is a lot of defenders! Leo’s sonar detects his teammate making a late run, and he skillfully passes the ball into his mate’s path with the outside of his foot, just beyond the keeper’s reach. There is no margin for mistakes. This is ridiculous. A strategic move that would make even Magnus Carlsen nervous. He casually slots it into the open net. Game over, young one. Why not treat yourself to a bar of Hershey’s?

3. An Aesthetically Pleasurable Early Cross

Nothing beats a cross whipped from deep. Directly onto his friend’s head. Simply stunning. Please allow the video to replay. Keep playing it on repeat. Consider getting the parabola of the ball tattooed on the back of your hand.

4. A Debut Brace

Scoring two goals in a new league on a new continent is almost as good as it gets. Leo found this one quite simple, to be honest. Perhaps the simplest goal he will ever score. He casually collects the ball in his own half, advances with it, passes it, and calmly slots the cutback into the corner. His heart rate didn’t even budge. The MLS was not ready.

5. The Thin Lizzy Goal

Leo and Jordi work together seamlessly, passing and moving down the left hand side. Barcelona at its finest. It’s as if the past decade never occurred. A world without Brexit, without a pandemic, and without VAR. Leo and Jordi are skillfully maneuvering around, scoring some amazing goals. Let’s add “geometrocious” to our list of new words!