Tech giant Apple is recruiting individuals for Its Own AI Products

Apple Hiring

There is no room for anyone working with AI in these uncertain economic times, as major IT businesses are laying off employees left and right.

Since AI is currently all the rage, huge organizations don’t want to fall behind. Because of this, Apple has launched a total of 176 new posts in artificial intelligence and machine learning, following the lead of other major companies.

68 of those posts, according to Pocket-lint, are in the Siri department; 52 of them will deal with iOS, and 46 with macOS. Working with many products will be required in other employment.

Apple is also not concealing it. The Apple spokesman mentioned that the business is taking an intentional and methodical approach to AI during the most recent earnings call. In fact, according to insider sources, Apple has limited the use of Artificial Intelligence chatbots to keep private information from becoming public.

Apple already has a special event planned for June 5 that will focus on AR/VR, but we might also hear something regarding AI.