Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger Turns to Zeus for BMW’s Escapade

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BMW has released a unique teaser featuring none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, the American action hero. What’s more intriguing is that Schwarzenegger plays Zeus, the deity of the sky and thunder, in the video. Now, BMW has been vague about what this whole saga is about, but we believe it’s a teaser for the company’s electric vehicle division, BMW i’s new TV advertisement, which will air during Super Bowl weekend, on February 13, 2022. The Super Bowl is now essentially the American National Football League’s yearly championship game. Because of its widespread coverage and popularity, major brands have exploited the event to promote themselves.

Now, in a humorous teaser, a barista mispronounces the name of Zeus printed in the coffee cup, prompting Arnold to step in as Zeus to accept his order and give him an angry look. BMW claims in an Instagram picture that “Served with a side of thunder, a macchiato. Just like the way we drink our morning coffee. On February 13, see Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus.” At the same moment, the firm stated on Twitter, “Something explosive is about to happen. #BMWElectric 2.13.2022 “This could indicate that the upcoming commercial is from BMW I the company’s electric/hybrid vehicle division, or that the carmaker is announcing a new EV in its new Super Bowl commercial. What are your thoughts in the comments section below?

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In addition to Arnold, BMW has also shared a handful of other teaser photographs on social media, which include actress Salma Hayek as goddess Hera and Ralf Moeller as the deity of the sea Poseidon, respectively. This suggests that more teaser trailers featuring the other two actors are expected to be published before the final commercial is released on February 13.

BMW is growing its electric lineup, with more models such as the iX3 electric SUV, i4 electric sedan, and iX electric SUV being introduced around the world. In fact, the BMW iX was introduced in India in December 2021, making it the company’s first electric vehicle. The MINI SE electric and the BMW i4 will also be available in India later this year.