Beaver Moon 2023: Optimal Viewing Times for November’s Full Moon

Beaver Moon 2023

The November full moon, known fondly as the Beaver Moon, will soon illuminate the night sky. Beginning Sunday evening, gazers can behold the moon’s bright glow as it reaches its peak fullness early Monday morning.

While the full moon may look familiar, its precise features alter slightly each month, said Dr. Noah Petro of NASA. This optical illusion, called libration, causes the angles at which we see the moon’s Earth-facing side to shift over time. Additionally, you can also read about- Solar Eclipse to Cross North America on Saturday, Providing Rare Opportunity for Viewing

This weekend, viewers across most of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres can revel in the Beaver Moon during the day before and after its full phase. For optimal viewing, find an open area devoid of trees, buildings, and light pollution. Binoculars or a telescope can highlight intricate lunar details.

The November full moon carries historical significance, with names like the Digging Moon, Frost Moon, and Freezing Moon among certain Native American tribes. When gazing upon its luminescence, we can honor the moon’s ancestral importance.

As the Beaver Moon captivates, NASA eyes future operations involving Earth’s orbiting companion. The agency maps the moon’s surface extensively while gearing up to launch astronauts toward the lunar frontier by late 2024.

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