Best Beach Holidays Australia

Best Beach Holidays Australia
Image by megspl from Pixabay

Australia is famous for its beaches and people who like beaches & water sports will be happy to know that you can explore many beautiful beaches in Australia. You can spend your time on the beaches near the city or spend time on a private island which is far away from the city. Many couples who are newly married love to spend their honeymoon in the fantastic location which has beaches which are secluded and has amazing aquatic life. The beaches are not meant only for couples, they are even family friendly. You get to choose from a varied variety of accommodation options which have different activities for all age group.

Best Beach Holiday Location

The sixth largest country in the world, Australia, has thousands of beautiful beaches and best beach holidays Australia – LLOA. It is home to ridge of coral land above and below the surface of the sea. The reef, the coast and the islands with beautiful beaches defines the character of the country. The lagoons, wild sea, beach enhances the beauty of the country. Listed below are the locations which are the best beaches in Australia.

  • Thala Beach Nature Reserve: Near Cairns is the beautiful coast which is known as the Thala Beach nature Reserve. Your family would be able to see amazing sandy beaches and you can just take a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef. The Eucalyptus forests has guest’s bungalows which is filled with butterflies, birds and plants which are exotic. You can also plan a shuttle to Port Douglas which is a seas side village with lot of shops, historical buildings, galleries and amazing restaurants.
  • Bedarra Island: This is known as the best tropical getaway which is the perfect holiday beach destination. Hidden in the rain forest are few villas which have a great view to the ocean. You can indulge in snorkeling, sailboats and paddle skis. You can enjoy the beaches with your family.
  • Qualia: It has the world largest coral reef and makes Hamilton Island a perfect vacation spot for new couples looking for romance. Perfect place for sailing Whitsundays, scuba diving and snorkelling with the perfect sandy beaches and coral reefs. There are a lot of vacation activities like scuba diving, sailing and boating which makes it an amazing holiday spot.
  • Heron Island: Its pristine water allows you enjoy the beach holiday with snorkeling. The weather is sunny and perfect for vacation. It is located on the Great Barrier Reef and has amazing marine life.
  • The Atlantic Byron Bay: If you are a surfer this place is what you have been dreaming about. It has the best beach with the perfect weather for surfers.
  • Lizard Island: This beach has sandy beaches which is located near the Australian Great Barrier Reef. It is a bit expensive but you get the top-class service and many activities which you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Lord Howe Island: If you are planning to go on a romantic getaway with your spouse this place will fulfill all the requirements in your mind.  You have options of scuba diving, fishing and cruise activities which will make your vacation memorable.