Thailand – One of The Best Places for Surfing

best places for surfing is Thailand
Surfing place, Thailand. Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

One of the best places for surfing is Thailand. Surfing first appeared on the islands of Polynesia hundreds of years ago. Initially this game was only available to the nobility, and ordinary people were not able to get special boards that reached a length of 6-8 meters. The king who did not dare to cross should be the best in this art. For this reason, surfing is called the game of kings.

Teaching Surfing in Pattaya has reached the inhabitants of Surfing Australia and America in the early days of twenties on Koh Samui surfing in Pattaya. Since then this began to actively expand as a new sport. Skilled surfers assure that in order to conquer the sea and waves, it is necessary to treat them, as in the living elements that have character.

Only in this way is it possible to reach harmony and saddle a wave. Now surfing is incredibly popular. It’s not already just sports, it has different culture with celebrities, television channels, competitions and audiences. Everyone can touch it, visited warm coastal countries where tourists with pleasure will be trained in this fascinating business bases.

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As it is a good place in Thailand and washed by the waters of the Andaman and Southern Chinese seas. Local surfing is one of the cutest games. The long shoreline allows everyone to catch a wave and perfect skill in this difficult, but extremely engaging business.

Optimal time for driving on boards — between spring (April-May) to fall (October-November). First of all, it is convenient for fans of surfing as the flow of holidays is significantly reduced at the moment. All defects are the season of heavy rainfall and high waves. This season is extremely undesirable to relax those who prefer to swim in the sun and slowly on the beach. Fans of another case of active sports and entertainment.

Prices also go down during this period for food and accommodation that attracts Thailand surfers around the world. The fact that driving on waves in other corners of the world skips in relation to weather conditions and a change of weather, another cause of such activity.

Everything begins in Thailand itself. Masters of sports come and just master of waves that share the mysteries of competence with pleasure, hold master classes and teach in special schools. In general, surfing of Thailand only begins development, but locals are actively promoted, similar to the beach, to lure professionals of waves and develop schools for training.

Many resorts that teach surfing in Thailand are open to training all of the maximum holidays and driving in school waves for their recreational attractions. All of them work in a price range, ensuring the safety and comfort of customers. Classes are given by skilled instructors who work individually with each customer and they are responsible for them the most popular places in Thailand for training in surfing are Phuket, Pattaya and Samui.

Surfing in Phuket

This city is the capital of surfing all over the state. Here it is the most developed and comprehensive. Beginners or professional athletes in Phuket will be able to pick themselves up under suitable conditions for sliding on waves. The most popular beach for surfing the occupation of Phuket: Kata Beach – it is better not to find places.

Surfing in Phuket, Thailand
Surfing in Phuket, Thailand. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The atmosphere is very favorable, it is possible to rent the board at any point, and most importantly — the highest waves on this beach; Kata Noi – more suitable for skilled athletes. Because the waves here are unstable and change direction all the time.

Here are small waves that are perfectly suitable for those who only begin to get acquainted with the art of surfing. Patong is no less popular as waves, especially strong and similar waves in the northern part of the beach. With a wave period of heavy rain in Thailand reaching three meters, and a length of 50-150 meters.

Skilled surfers say this is the ideal condition for active pastime. The local population with love treats all active sports, and especially a surf. Since the younger years they learn to cope with a board can teach the tourist for practically every Thai fixed payment, of course. Every year, the number of schools and camps for driving training on boards increases.

More important places for surf are — the Hawaiian Islands, coast of Australia, California. However, Phuket offers optimal conditions for money. Active entertainment will be a chance for fans here.

Surfing in Phuket for those who are already able to face skis or snowboards. However, this science is quite a power. It is much more reliable for learning how to surf. Noted that, If you want to go Thailand, you can take Thailand Elite Visa.

Those who try for the first-time surfing should choose a larger and wider board and try to keep on equal and smooth waves. The cost of renting a board – one hour from the 150th hour. Every next hour is cheaper. The instructor will cost 1,000 baht for an hour, although several hours will be enough for the first experience.

After about a week of daily lessons you can learn to lay on board and slide on small waves. For training it is desirable to buy a protective suit, or to wear clothes from the sleeves and also a hat or beach cap to protect yourself from the sun. For a start, visitors are offered to ride an artificial wave at the School of Surfing which is located on Kata Beach.

The cost of this service is 800 baht. Such trainings are more securely than actual waves, as the learner is protected by a protective cable, and the waves are created by special machines that control their height. It is possible to master the bases here, to understand how it is right to stand on the board and react to the wave. Driving on real waves is more easily followed by such trainings.

Surfing on Koh Samui

This place is considered one of those paradise islands of Taya with surprisingly stunning sunsets. Its coast is seated along coral reefs. It is the island for fans of suntan, hot sand and softly scattered waves. There are two beaches for those trying surfing — Lamai and Chawang, where it is possible to get the rent of boards and small waves, but it is useless for Samui to look for an active surfing speed because he has little intention for it as the type of comfort.

Surfing Koh Samui
Surfing, Koh Samui. Image by tomtr from Pixabay

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are more developed for Samui. Most suitable for these games of a condition – lack of air, reefs, hot water. Some beach Samui is flown by air throughout the year. The air of Lamai and Chawang on the islands takes place from November to April. A number of schools have been opened here for the training of windsurfing and kite flying.

The cost of a two-hour possession with the instructor is 1,500 btt, and the two-day training with the personal trainer will cost 10 baht. Also, it is possible to lease the equipment on any beach — about 000 baht.

In addition to surfing in Pattaya, Phuket as well as Pattaya is famous for possession for surfing. There are 20th surf schools, and it is possible to get a board in each sporting goods store. From November to May, Pattaya trains everyone in the art of water. Recently was not famous for the popularity of tourists until Pattaya adopted the country.

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It is now a comfortable resort equipped with large flows of holidays from different continents. Trainers will teach anyone to slide slowly on waves worse than professionals. Prices vary from 500 baht to 2,450 baht an hour during a day of training. It is possible to rent a board on any beach. Every year all inventory is fully updated in a fine state.

It is possible to meet a large number of athletes and fans of driving on bus waves. Comparing Pattaya and Phuket, of course, wins the second option. Phuket has everything for a good place — the roughness of a relief of the island, a strange beach, constantly changing the direction of the wind. Morning waves in Thailand are considered ideal for living in possession, so those who want to ride a wave should get up at sunrise.