Top Ranked 15 Highest Paid CEOs 2023 in the World

Highest paid CEO
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Highest paid CEO 2023 in the world, and we know everyone are keen to know more about them. Highest paid CEO are those who work hard, apply methods at their highest level, and be successful.

Every year, the world keeps an eye on them and looks closely at CEO bank balances to see who has earned how much. In addition, their data, expertise and internal salaries are an inspiration to many.

These highest paid CEOs of 2023 apply their methods to get to the top, working nearly 16 hours a day to achieve their goals. Here we have compiled the 15 highest paid CEO in 2020, their salaries, compensation and earnings in 2020, a New York Times report says.

1. Chad Richison – $211.13 million

Chad Richison is an American entrepreneur. He has been President and CEO of Paycom since its beginning. Richison began his career in sales at ADP, the largest and best-known payroll company in the United States. Richison then returned to Oklahoma with his family and founded Paycom in 1998.

2. Amir Dan Rubin – $199.05 million

Entrepreneur Amir Dan Rubin is one of the top ten highest paid CEO 2023 in the world. He is chief executive officer of 1Life Healthcare. He has also been the company’s president and member or chairman of the board of directors since August 2017. From January 2016 to August 2017, Rubin was executive vice president of United Health Group, a publicly traded healthcare company.

3. John Legere – $137.2 million

John Leger, born June 4, 1958, is an American entrepreneur. Former CEO and chairman of T-Mobile U.S. Prior to that, he worked at AT&T, Dell and Global Crossing. He then resigned as CEO in April 2020 after approving the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint.

4. Larry Culp – $73.19 million

Lawrence (Larry) Culp is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General Electric. Larry is GE’s twelfth CEO and eleventh Chairman of the Board. He has been a member of General Electric’s Board of Directors since April 2018 and CEO of GE since October 2018.

Prior to joining General Electric, Larry was President and CEO of Danaher Corporation for four years, beginning in 2000. During his tenure, from 2000 to 2014, the company quintupled its revenue and market capitalization. Investors and analysts have consistently ranked him as one among the top highest paid CEO in Institutional Investor’s annual surveys. In addition, Larry has been named one of the top 50 CEOs in the world by the Harvard Business Review. 

5. Chris Nassetta – $55.87 million

Christopher J. Nassetta is the president and CEO of Hilton. He joined the company in 2007. Previously, Nassetta was the president and chief executive officer of Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. and he held this position since 2000. Prior to joining the company, Nassetta co-founded Bailey Capital Corporation in 1991.

Prior to founding Bailey Capital Corporation, he spent 7 years with The Oliver Carr Company. He was in-charge of all development and related activities for one of the largest commercial real estate companies in the world.

6. Mike Sievert – $54.91 million

Mike Sievert is president and CEO of T-Mobile U.S. He also serves as a member of the company’s board of directors. He will become CEO of T-Mobile in April 2020. On the same day, T-Mobile closed the merger agreement with Sprint.

7. Greg Maffei – $47.12 million

U.S. businessman Greg Maffei is the highest paid chairman and CEO of Liberty Media. The company owns the media and entertainment business. In addition, Greg Maffei is chairman of Live Nation Entertainment, Sirius XM and TripAdvisor. Also, he is the chairman emeritus of Starz and Expedia and an ex-chief financial officer of Oracle and Microsoft.

8. Reed Hastings – $43.23 million

American entrepreneur Reed Hastings became co-founder, chairman and CEO of Netflix. He is also a member of several boards and non-profit organizations. Now Hastings is one of the top ranked highest paid CEOs 2021 in the world. He was born in October 1960 in Massachusetts, United States. Hastings is one of the former members of the California State Board of Education. He is also a supporter of education reform through charter schools, Hastings 6 years.

9. Ted Sarandos – $39.32 million

Ted Sarandos, whose real name is Theodore Anthony Sarandos, Jr. is the co-CEO and chief content officer of Netflix. Sarandos obtained degrees from Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona. In 1999, Sarandos met Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and joined Netflix in 2000. Born on 30 July 1964, He also oversaw Netflix’s work in original programming and entertainment.

10. Robert Bakish – $38.97 million

American entrepreneur, Robert Bakish is the chairman and highest paid CEO of ViacomCBS as of December 4, 2019. He held the same position at Viacom prior to its merger with CBS Corporation. Bakish, 57, joined Viacom in 1997 as vice president of planning and development. In October 1999, he became executive vice president of business planning and development for Viacom’s MTV Networks.

Here we reveal the world’s highest paid CEOs in 2023 This report is based on the Bloomberg Pay Index report. 

11. Elon Musk – $595.3 million

Elon Musk is now the highest paid CEO in the tech industry. For the uninitiated: Musk is the CEO of Tesla and, according to the company’s website, oversees the design, development and international production of Tesla’s electric vehicles, batteries and photovoltaic power sources. Notably, Musk may also be the CEO of Neuralink, and before that he co-founded and bought PayPal.

12. Tim Cook – $133.7 million

Apple CEO and former CEO Tim Cook is second on the list of highest paid executives in the technology industry. According to Bloomberg, Cook had already worked in the technology industry for more than a decade before joining Apple.

13. Thomas Rutledge – $116.9 million

Thomas Rutledge, or Tom Rutledge, is president and chief executive officer of Constitution Communications, a cable company. He began his career in 1977 at American TV and Communications (ATC), the predecessor of Time Warner Cable. Rutledge held numerous alternative positions and eventually became president of Time Warner Cable.

14. Joseph Ianniello – $116.6 million

Joseph Ianniello is an ex-chairman and the highest paid CEO of the CBS Leisure Group for ViacomCBS. He started his profession at CBS in 1997 because the Director of Financial Planning. Additionally, based on Selection report, he took house $125.4 million in compensation and severance funds from ViacomCBS.

15. Sumit Singh – $108.2 million 

Sumit Singh is the CEO and Director of Chewy, Inc., an e-commerce firm. Previous to becoming a member of Chewy, Sumit held senior management roles at Amazon and Dell. He obtained a Master’s in Engineering from the College of Texas at Austin. He additionally held an MBA diploma from the College of Chicago, Sales space Faculty of Enterprise.

Chewy, below Sumit’s management, is positioned to turn into probably the most trusted and handy vacation spot for pet dad and mom (and companions). Based on Chewy web site, Chewy’s latest accolades embrace designation as a “Prime 10 Employer Model” in Boston in each 2019 and 2020, Newsweek’s recognition for “America’s Best Customer Service” for the previous three consecutive years (2019-2021), Advert Age’s distinction as one among “America’s 20 Hottest Brands,” and Comparably’s 2020 high rankings for Finest Firm Tradition and Finest Corporations for Ladies.