Why Should You Go to the Doctor If a Cat Bites You?

cat diseases
Image by Susann Mielke from Pixabay.

Small cats have the capacity to infect humans with some disorders. Behind their innocent and often adorable appearance, cats, especially outside the home, can pose a threat to our health if, for example, they bite us. Although it will almost never be serious diseases, except complications, these felines are capable of infecting us with some disorders.

Therefore, even if they attract us, we must always be careful with those we meet on the street. And, if we are bitten or scratched, we should go to the doctor if we notice abnormal symptoms. Before, it is best to wash the wound area with soap and water to remove any residual saliva. It would also be advisable to use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the bite.

At home, scratches and bites from our pets are more common. But normally there will be no problems if the animal has been treated properly in its hygiene, with vaccinations and in visits to the vet.

What diseases can a cat give us?

Bartonellosis or cat scratch disease

cat Occasionally, cats can transmit a disease called Bartonellosis through their scratches or bites . It is caused by an infection by the bacteria Bartonella henselae and is also known as cat scratch disease. Symptoms are usually fatigue, fever or general malaise. In addition to redness or inflammation of the affected area, it is usually cured without treatment and is not human-to-human.

Feline rabies, a virus present in saliva and other secretions, can be spread to humans mainly through bites. But also through scratches or through the saliva itself when it comes into contact with wounds. In cats, this viral infectious disease is serious and can cause the death of the infected animal.


Bites can cause infection if the wound is not treated properly. If there is swelling, pain, and the infection does not subside, it is best to see our doctor. The cats are also able to transmit to humans other diseases, but mostly through feces , so they should not worry in case of bites.