How Many Eggs Should be Eaten in a Day?

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay.

According to health experts, egg is one of the most nutritious foods. Almost all the essential nutrients are found in an egg which fulfills the needs of the body. 

An egg is full of protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D and many anti-oxidants, which together keep you healthy. However, eating too much egg can also be harmful for health. There is cholesterol in egg yolk and it also causes many stomach problems. So let’s know how many eggs is safe to eat everyday.

Let us tell you that eating egg increases the level of bed cholesterol in the body. An egg yolk contains 200mg cholesterol, and it is not advisable not to consume more than 300mg cholesterol daily. So, the white part of the egg can be eaten.

How many eggs can be eaten in a day

When we talk about how many eggs a person should eat in a day, then it becomes difficult to answer. Because it depends on the person. Because everyone’s health is different, someone can eat more eggs and someone can eat more. A recent study revealed that a person who has a healthy average can eat 7 eggs a week. On the other hand, if you are suffering from any disease and health related problem, then you can eat 3 eggs a day.

Whether eating too much can cause side effects

Though eggs are nutritious, it does not mean that you eat more eggs. But eating any nutritious food in large quantities can cause great harm to you, even if it is an egg.

Should eggs be eaten in summer? 

Actually, eating more eggs in summer can cause more heat in the body. Which can cause diarrhea. Most of its problems are seen in young children.

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