Why You Should Not Use Mobile Before Sleeping at Night

mobile use before sleeping
Photo credit: Pixabay

If you see mobile before bed at night, then you must read this news. The use of mobiles while sleeping at night can be very dangerous for humans. 

In today’s time mobile has become an important part of our life. This is the reason why people keep using mobiles while sleeping, awake and all day. But do you know that the excessive use of mobiles is affecting our lives. Using mobile can be very dangerous for a human being, especially while sleeping at night. 

Lack of sleep

People who use mobile before bed at night sleeps less than normal. According to a study, if a person reads a book before going to sleep at night and the other person uses a mobile, then it was seen in the study that the person using the mobile had less sleep. The person gets less sleep all the time.

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Lack of concentration

It is natural that a person’s mind will get less rest due to lack of sleep. Therefore, his concentration capacity decreases. Lack of focus affects the performance of the human mind. Along with this, the memory of a person also decreases. 

Harmful for the eyes

The blue rays emanating from the affected mobiles damage our eyes. Especially in the dark at night, watching mobile makes these blue rays even more dangerous for our eyes. This can cause damage to the retina of our eyes. 

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