Gunther’s Millions: The World’s Richest Dog Documentary

Gunther's Millions
Photo: Instagram

Gunther’s Millions is about a dog who inherits a million-dollar fortune, luxury homes in Italy, a yacht, and even personal servants. The story may remind you of the movie Aristocats.

The main difference between this story and The Aristocats is that this one is based on real events and now has its own Netflix documentary.

The first trailer for Gunther’s Millions just came out, and it shows a bunch of people who work for a very strange millionaire: a German shepherd with billions of dollars in his bank account, a bunch of perfect mansions, and a bunch of rules that must be followed to the letter to make sure the furry has a perfect life that many humans would surely envy.

We all treat our pets like royalty, but Gunther the German Shepherd really does live like a king or a billionaire, even though his history has some controversies and even sex scandals that make people curious.

Gunther’s Millions Trailer

The first trailer for the strange documentary starts with a montage and narration that seem to be talking about a strange comedy film. However, a woman quickly appears and says that everything is real and that she works for the richest dog in the world, who supposedly got a million-dollar fortune from a mysterious countess that no one seems to know.

What Gunther’s Millions is about 

This is the story of Gunther IV, whose father, Gunther III, was a millionaire dog who was supposedly the heir to a countess who left them hundreds of millions of dollars and made sure everything was set up so they wouldn’t have to do anything. He and his children will never be without anything.

The documentary’s summary is called “The 400 Million Dollar Dog!” In the past 30 years, the dog’s money has grown into a huge empire that spans two continents and includes luxurious mansions, a group of famous people, and even a pop music group. But any good dog will tell you that you should always dig a little deeper.

Gunther’s story isn’t all roses, though. There are also secrets, lies, rumors that the supposed countess doesn’t really exist, and a kind of cult made up of attractive men and women who looked like they were in a band, but were actually Gunther’s friends and part of a supposed sexual experiment that is barely mentioned in the trailer.

Who takes care of this dog’s money, where does it come from, and how does it keep growing? This is what the documentary is about. It follows Gunther’s life and looks at the people who are a part of it and enjoy his mansions and other luxuries.

Netflix has already given us Tiger King, a cat killer, and Bad Vegan, a documentary about a successful vegan restaurant owner who fell for a man who said he could turn her dog into an immortal being. So, the story of a millionaire dog is not the strangest thing on the platform, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting.

And what about the talk that Gunther was a clone? This is something else that will be shown in this documentary.

When Gunther’s Millions will Release?

Starting February 1, 2023, the documentary will be on Netflix.