Common Driving Errors New Drivers Can Avoid

Driving Learning

A new driver who has the valuable driving license offers him freedom to drive across kilometers to enjoy the spectacular countryside. Remember that you are still new to driving and can come across many strange scenarios unexpectedly. Obviously, you can learn from mistakes but in case of driving the consequences may be bad or worse if you are a bit careless.

New drivers, especially teenagers are thrilled behind the wheels and neglect safety rules divulged during driving lessons MelbourneThe instructors from Trent Driving School Melbourne help candidates to build their confidence as well as driving skills. You are even told to avoid common driving errors and drive safely.

Not keeping a safe distance

Safe distance rule is to keep minimal 2 to 3 car space distance [10 meters] from a vehicle in front. In case, you are on the city roads, safe distance has to be 5 to 7 car space gap [15 meters]. Driving on a slippery road or bad weather you need to maintain 9 to 10 car space distance [20 meters]. At the start, this distance seems a lot but is necessary because if the vehicle in front gets into collision or loses control, you get sufficient time to avoid it.

Forget to use the turn signals

At a turn or reverse-turn or merge, turn signals need to be used to let the car drivers behind you know your intention. The other drivers give you space, so you can turn or reverse. There are some drivers, who neglect your turn signals and don’t allow you to merge. Don’t take such actions personally or challenge them. It can be dangerous! Let them pass and then merge or turn safely.

Monitor your driving speed

Modern cars are comfortable and equipped with anti-lock brakes along with electronic stability programs of a kind including anti-skid systems and traction control. Developing the ability to judge your speed takes time.

If you go very fast around a corner, there won’t be any help from electronic intervention or capability to give tires extra grip in certain scenarios. Even road conditions need to be considered while going fast. As a new driver, it is wise to go slowly and steadily to survive bad incidents. In some specific zones like colleges, schools, and hospitals, slow down or it can cause legal problems.

Not adjusting or cleaning screen viewers

New or experienced drivers need to ensure that all viewing mirrors are cleaned and adjusted properly. It is necessary to get an idea of how far or head-to-head other cars are from your vehicle. Unclean or not adjusted screen viewers can lead to wrong proximity, which increases the risk of an accident.

Ignoring to check blind spots

Before you move, ensure there is no other car in the blind spot. Checking blind spot is a thing new driver fail to consider.

Driving distracted

Anything which takes your eyes away from the road is termed as a distraction. It can include checking speedometer, kids in the backseat, road signs, pedestrians, mobile phone, or any other interesting object. Your attention gets robbed and this makes you less efficient in controlling the vehicle. You may possibly not see the car in front brake or you failed to take a turn.

New drivers have less experience in reading the road, lack of skills to maintain your car efficiently, and overconfidence. All this contributes to major or minor driving mistakes that can be avoided by driving cautiously and adhering to safety rules.