Data Science With Python Training

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Data Scientists are considered as on the top among some of the highest paid technology professionals across the globe. It is not a hidden fact from anyone that in present times, businesses are increasingly seeking to rely on the analytics and statistics of their company production so that they can analyze it and utilize it for the expansion and improvisation of their products. This is the reason why data analysis is used by most of the high thinker companies who are using data analysis in not only marketing but in human resources, supply chain, and other several areas.

Considering the role of data science across the industries, Zeolearn Academy brings to you the latest course on Data Science with Python Training in which you will be trained about the advanced features of data science and how to reap its benefits in your real-life business. The present article, talks specifically about the Data Science With Python Course as being offered on the immersive learning platform of Zeolearn and the aim is just to help the participants to master data science and Python for their business development.

I. What Is Data Science With Python Training And Its Key Features

Data Science with Python Training is a comprehensively designed course of 42 hours which will be an instructor-led engaging and immersive training program so that the participants become masters of Python so as to start a successful career in Data Science. The training will be provided by the globally recognized and accredited expert trainers of the industry who have curated this training course and will also coach the enrolled participants to get an in-depth understanding of machine learning, data mining, and data collection. To be efficient in Data Science, you need to master Python first and its libraries, and upon doing that you become able to understand and make use of probability and statistics in Data Science.

The Data Science with Python Training will be provided to impart the knowledge of engaging statistical learning in advanced Excel and advanced statistics and predictive modeling. The key features of this training program covers below-listed aspects:

  • Statistical learning along with advanced Excel
  • Understanding of Python and its libraries
  • Learning both the supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Mastering advanced statistics and features of predictive modeling

 II. Significance Of Learning Data Science With Python

Python is known to be the most user-friendly programming language and is used as a tool and effective technique in data analysis. If you are a Python expert and its libraries and have the skill in data analysis, your job role is secured for upcoming many decades. The skills of Python and data science are surely not going to become redundant in near future. Hence, if you want to earn this knowledge and understanding of Data Science and Python, this is the right time for you and the perfect opportunity is being given to you by the Zeolearn’s Data Science with Python Training Course.

Moreover, it has become a well-known fact that Data Science offers to stand top on the list of top paying jobs across the globe over past several years. The reason why it is highest paid in the world is because of the rise in use of big data and its analytics to serve the purpose of business growth, thus making it among the most in demand jobs in the industry as a data scientist.

A Data scientist is considered as a highly skilled and a renowned class of professional practitioners who has started their successful career by using the potential and power of Python in the right sense. Yes, you read it right, you need to first master the key features of Python in order to use powerful machine learning algorithms, analyzing of data, and creation of beautiful visualizations in order to cover data into meaningful statistics, thus helping the companies achieve their desired organizational goals.

III. Getting Started With Python For Data Science

Data Science with Python Training Program is a 2 days interactive and extensive course which is a golden opportunity for the learning enthusiasts who wish to start learning Python Programming language and its usage in Data Science.

The objective of the course is to help the participants understand the fundamental and core concepts involved in Data Science such as statistics, exploratory data science, hypothesis testing, data visualization, regression classification modeling techniques, and also most importantly machine learning algorithms. The training will be offered by the experts of the industry who will impart sessions with hands-on progressive and practical learning experience to make sure that the participants become industry ready with their portfolio to cease the recruitment process.

 IV. What Are The Skills That You Will Learn From The Course

  1. Python Distribution: In-depth understanding of the basic data types, regular expressions, strings, loops, data structures, and control statements.
  2. User-defined functions in Python: Learn about the user-defined functions of Python such as Lambda function and object oriented design to write class and objects in Python.
  3. Datasets and manipulation: Learn how to import datasets into Python and write outputs and data analysis by using the Pandas library.
  4. Probability and Statistics: You need to learn to the usage of probability and statistics concerning features such as data distribution, data values, conditional probability, and hypothesis testing.
  5. Advanced Statistics: Get equipped with advanced statistics with analysis of variance, model building, linear regression, and the dimension reduction tricks.
  6. Predictive Modelling: Learn about the predictive modeling, and the correct evaluation of the model performance, model parameters, and classification problems.
  7. Time Series Forecasting: Work with Time Series data, its tools and components to reap its benefits.

The training program offered on Zeolearn Academy platform is immersive, interactive, and intensive with hands-on progressive learning which is provided in 3 categories: Online Classroom training, One-to-One Training, and Team/Corporate Training. The three delivery modes of training is just to suit the convenience of the participants so that they get optimum benefit of support from their personalized mentors to learn effective implementation of Data Science with Python core concepts in the project of real-world context. The aim of the course is to give training charge in the hands of industry experts by whom the participants will gain all the learning and skills of working in practical scenario, and the remaining rests with you how you utilize this opportunity and excel in it.

V. Final Remarks

There are no pre-requirement as such needed to be satisfied by you to take up the course. However, it is recommended that individuals come to attend the course, having some basic programming knowledge so that it becomes easy for them to understand the advanced concepts quickly.

Also, anyone interested in this domain that is aspiring to make use of Python for effective analysis of large data sets are welcome to attend the course along with the professionals interested in data science field and are planning to develop robust and more structures pythin learning program. Thus, with this view course is more beneficial for those individual who are data engineers, software developer, Python data analysts, engineers, researchers, and economists. So, enroll with the course today, and give a kicstart to your career in the data science domain.