How to Decorate Your Home with Used Glass Bottles?

Decorate Your Home
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Each house has a few glass bottles kept in the drawers to be discarded. You can find these bottles in various unique shapes, sizes, and tints. The different characteristics make them well-suited items to be utilized for adorning homes. One can attempt a few kinds of techniques and DIYs for upcycling those glass bottles.

There are many fascinating and innovative manners by which one can utilize these vacant bottles. Be it for something practical or unadulterated stylistic layout, glass flasks are amazing to decorate your home, and they should not be thrown directly into the dustbins. Let us look at these ways in which you can use a glass bottle to enhance the beauty of your home.

Fairy lights:

If you are exhausted from letting those fairy lights hold the drapery poles or across the wall, put them inside a clear bottle. This is indeed a straightforward task to do. You can even make use of colourful or painted flasks. You can either cut the foundation of the bottle or supplement the lights through the actual opening. Consider fixing it near the electricity board so that you won’t face any trouble while lightning.

Candle holders:

We all buy bottled and jarred packaged goods, but most of us throw the jars or the bottles away after they get empty. It generates a lot of waste which is not suitable for our environment. Therefore, to lessen the trash, you must use these containers in one or the other way.

Candle holders
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Another way to use old glass bottles is by making a candle holder out of them. It is an excellent opportunity for people who love lighting candles at their places. You can also use these candle holders even for a romantic candlelight dinner date.

Picture framing:

No doubt that wooden frames are a popular choice for many people to get their pictures framed. But if you want to try something unique, then you can go for this method. Clean the bottle well and let it dry properly before you begin. After it gets dry, put some pebbles and flowers carefully inside it. Now, insert your favourite picture inside the bottle. You can even use some fairy lights to make your new picture frame look extraordinary.

Flower pots:

Have you always planned to have a little nursery at your home but couldn’t make one due to the shortage of space? If this is the case with you, then here is the perfect plan for you. Use empty and old glass flasks to grow the flowers or the plants you always wanted. Yes, you cannot grow plants that occupy ample space for their rooting system. However, various plants don’t require considerable room to grow.

Flower pots
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Decor pieces:

You should simply make a quick visit to your local art store for specific provisions. For example, utilizing spray paints, perfectly coat your bottles in a metallic shade. Nobody will want to tell you that these were once you disposed of wine bottles.

You can likewise make designs on these flasks utilizing patterns or stencils. Make sure to wear gloves and carefully do this task to avoid getting stains on the clothes you are wearing and the floor.

Decor pieces
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Beaded bottles:

Beaded anklets and chains are not in trend these days. In any case, you can utilize them for an alternate reason now. If you have them in your adornments box — consider them to decorate your old glass flasks. You can even purchase shaded beads and make your very own example. Slide the beads onto a string, and wind them around the bottle. You can blend and match sizes and tones to create a perfect 

Store bathing essentials:

One more plan to realize how to brighten your home with glass bottles is to utilize them as holders to store things we usually have tossed about in the washroom or put away in their appalling unique boxes. For instance, remove cotton buds from their case and put them in the glass containers making their show more classy. The equivalent should be possible with hand cleansers, brushes, hair accessories, etc.

Calming bottles:

Is it difficult for you to require a moment to inhale, relax and quiet down? If yes, this DIY is incredible for youngsters and grown-ups. All you have to do is fill a glass flask with sparkle, water, and glue. The thought is to shake the bottle, and as the flash gradually tumbles to the lower part of the bottle, you take however many full breaths as you want to settle your feelings simultaneously.

Decorating it with crayons:

Are you searching for a pleasant present for instructors or kids or need an alluring container to store things in the child’s room? Then, at that point, this pastel holder is great. You essentially line up the pastels or crayons in any shading plan you need and integrate them with a lace afterwards. These are extraordinary for holding treats and different things at your kid’s birthday celebrations or making containers to show at their school art competitions.


This is much more straightforward than you might suspect, and it’s dazzling when wrapped up. You might require a couple of bottles, drill openings in the covers, and afterwards, embed the bulbs and wiring needed for lighting. You will show it in the lounge area or parlour, and it will look like a perfect DIY chandelier.

To Sum Up

There are many waste bottles available at your home. Most of us consider throwing them away. But this can harm our environment as it will generate a lot of waste. Then what should you do to get rid of actually reusing them?

We have mentioned various ways to help you create home decor using your old glass bottles in the above points. It is a fun way of utilizing trash by producing something that looks incredibly beautiful.