5 Favorite Haircuts of French Men [You Should Try]

French hairstyle
Photo: Pixabay

French men can have different haircuts, but in the end, everyone is free to choose how they want to look. But… there’s always a “but”, we want to point out that there is a certain style that gives a bit more style to French haircuts male.

French savoir -faire

Without a doubt, France, and especially Paris, will always be the place to go for fashion and style. It is the home of haute couture and the place where perfume was first made. It is a society where the cult of image is deeply rooted and plays a big role in everyday life.

The French style, for both men and women, is known for being simple. The way the clothes look is based on their elegance, their subtle use of color, and how they can be worn at any time. But we can’t ignore the fact that a little bit of eccentricity in your style can make a statement. Passionate fashionistas look up to brands in both the beauty and fashion industries. Lanvin, Hermès, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Diptyque, and Dior are some brands to look to if you want to add a touch of chic to your look.

At the end of the day, Paris is the fashion capital to follow. If we have to use a trend as a guide, it’s clear that the men of this society are a strong reference, so we should keep an eye on them.

French haircuts

Obviously, there is no rule that says a cut is only for French haircuts male. We wanted to do an exercise in which we chose three haircuts that, in our opinion, go well with the French style. These haircuts are elegant and classic, but they also have that makes Parisian gentlemen seem fun or different.

Blurred fringe

Gaspard Ulliel, an actor and model who died not too long ago, definitely left a chair of good style behind. As the face of Chanel ads, Ulliel was able to create a style that was all her own. When it comes to French men’s hairstyles, this pixie cut with fringe in front is a good example. To wear this cut well, it’s important to think about the following: Straight hair that is thick and straight, and a wide forehead so that the fringes can fall in an attractive way.

Caesar court

The next type of haircut French men get is the classic Caesar, which was made popular by Luis Miguel in the 1990s. Here is the Frenchized version, which is worn in two colors and is perfect for men who are starting to go gray. The actor Vincent Cassel is our role model. He has a duotone haircut with white sides and the natural color of his hair on the top and around the fringe.

Updated Toupet

This style comes from France, and the sides are well-trimmed in the shape of a gradient, while the top is thick and styled with a lot of volume. This is one of the French haircuts male and other men wear that looks great on us. You can add a unique touch by doing what football player Antoine Griezmann does: dry-combing your hair with your fingers and a medium hold wax. In this way, the effect of volume is created.