Ways to Have Fun at the Beach at Night

Fun Things To Do At The Beach

When the sun sets on your day at the beach, you may reluctantly pack up your towel, sunscreen, and sandals to head home. Or maybe you get the sudden urge to go to the beach right after dinner. You don’t have to wait for the sun’s permission to enjoy the beach.

Adventure and fun await those who know how to make the most of the beach at night. Drop the sunscreen and pick up these ideas the next time you want to linger at the beach after sunset or head to the beach after dark.

Ghost Crab Hunting

Ghost crabs are semi-terrestrial and venture out at night in search of prey. If you’ve only visited the beach during the day, you may have never seen the pale-yellow and white critters. The warmer months of the year are best for hunting ghost crabs, but you’ll need the right gear.

One vital piece of equipment you’ll need is a light source, preferably one that leaves your hands free. Fenix Lighting designs headlamps specifically for outdoor activities like camping and running, and they work great for crab hunting, too. Fenix flashlights and headlamps cast bright beams that make it easy to spot ghost crabs and track their sudden direction shifts.

You’ll also need a bucket and a chair, so you can hunt comfortably. While you can catch crabs with your hands, you may prefer to use a small net. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of your hunt!


Bonfires on the beach are great for making memories with friends and family while feeling connected to nature and the elements. Before planning a bonfire party, check whether you need a permit to build a fire on the beach you’ll visit. Depending on the county, fires may only be permitted on certain beaches.

Star Gazing

What could be better than stretching out on the sand under the stars and listening to the waves roll into the shore? One reason the beach is perfect for star gazing is there may not be as much light pollution. To protect sea turtle nesting routines, some areas enact laws that restrict types of lighting on the beach. It’s a win-win for star gazers and turtles.

Moonless nights are the best time to stargaze at the beach. While taking in the beauty of the night sky, see if you can spot constellations. Even if you can’t identify any, you’ll have fun trying.

Glow Sports

Is that a UFO on the beach? It’s probably people playing glow sports on the sand. Make passersby and those faraway do a double-take by tossing a glowing beach ball with friends or family. You can play other glow sports and games like badminton, football, cornhole, soccer, and frisbee.


You don’t have to worry about beating the crowd if you fish at night. Even better, summer nights are cooler than summer days, so you don’t have to worry about melting into the ocean or sea while trying to net your biggest catch. 

Like bonfires, you may need a permit to fish at the beach. You could qualify for an exemption if you’re a state resident or an older adult, so check the beach’s fishing regulations.

Beach Picnic

If you aren’t the sporty type, relax on the beach at night with a fully stocked picnic basket. Keep your beach towel laid out, and light up your meal with your headlamp. For ambiance, you can surround your picnic area with twinkling tea lights.

While packing your picnic, think about foods with minimal waste you can eat with your hands. Not only are such foods good for the environment, but they make clean-up easier.

You don’t have to let the sun decide when you can enjoy yourself at the beach. Let the above activities show you all the fun possibilities that await at the beach after sunset.