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IDA Pro Disassembler Software

IDA, The Interactive Disassembler an amazing computer software. IDA was created by Ilfak Guilfanov but later it was sold by a Belgian DataRescue company. After this, this company improved it as IDA Pro. It can operate the machine-executable language to assembly language base code. It can organize different kinds of formats and various processors and operating systems. At the same time, It is used as a debugger for Mac OS X Mach-O, and Linux ELF, Windows PE executables.

IDA operates automatic code analysis by using cross-reference within the code sections, API parameters, and other information. Though IDA, naturally is a dissembler accuracy but not more than human power. If you are an IDA user than start with disassembly listing rename annotate, add data to listing divert sections from code to data till its clear work. 

However, Guilfanov, in 2005 for the improvement of Hex-Rays Decompiler IDA, builds the Hex-Rays. And finally in 2008 DataRescue’s IDA Pro supports the Hex-Rays.


The debugger is computer software that finds out the faults and then corrects them to other computer programs. The software worlds are not so easy as the real sector, where the Hostile codes generally are not helpful to the workers. Worms, Trojans, and Virus builders often write the program code as an obscure way so that it becomes hard to read or understand. That’s why analysts need more strong data to analyze the programs. In this case, the IDA Pro disassembler is capable to examine the code without executing the program through code investigations. In this way Debugger often can open the obscure language and obtain the data that will be a more powerful disassembler. IDA Pro disassembler runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X that can debug a large specific platform. Possibly harmful programs can safely spread by remote debuggers.


IDA Pro is a developed instruction for programming where there is a combination of macro language that is able to generate a complexity of tasks. The developers of open plugin architecture give permissions to develop more IDA Pro’s functions.


IDA Pro is interactive because no software or computer can run by the side of the human brain in case of exploring the unknown. Human gets the superiority for taking decisions over any kind of computer progress. IDA cannot analyze the problems automatically. It shows you only suspicious problems then you have to solve those problems. 

As we find no problems in the IDA Pro disassembler because it is a much effective software program that can translate macro-language source code into assembly source code in order to debug. This

disassembler used as both local and remote debuggers in different sectors. It works only for the super-level language rather than assembly one. The updated IDA Pro disassemble version is commercial.

List of IDA Pro Disassemblers:

  1. ODA is an Online-based disassembler for different kind of architectures
  2. Commercial Disassemblers
  • IDA Pro 
  • Hopper Disassembler
  • PE Explorer
  • W32DASM (Win32dasm)
  • Hiew
  • Binary Ninja
  • OBJ2ASMan 
  • Relyze

3. Freeware Windows Disassemblers 

  • OllyDbg

4. Disassemble lida linux interactive

  • x86dis
  • EmilPRO
  • Ldasm
  • Bddisasm
  • Otool
  • Llvm
  • Dissy 
  • Edb

5. Disassemblers Unix

  • Capstone

6. Bastard Disassembler

  • udis86
  • Zydis
  • Objconv
  • Ciasdis
  • Gdb
  • ndisasm

7. Windows Disassemblers which are Free

  • BORG Disassembler
  • diStorm64
  • crudasm
  • BeaEngine
  • Visual DuxDebugger
  • BugDbg
  • ArkDasm
  • SharpDisam
  • Bddisasm
  • CFF Explorer
  • HT Editor
  • IDA Pro Freeware
  • IDA 3.7
  • Objconv

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Above all, IDA Pro Disassembler is an excellent software that is used in a computer program even in the reverse engineering sector very successfully. We have already discussed the IDA Pro disassembler as well as its complementary points also listed here. So, if you want to be the best learner of IDA Pro Disassembler than read this article and research deeply and try to know more about your upgrade skills.