Where Can I Find My New Jersey Criminal History Report?

New Jersey Criminal History Report

A copy of your criminal history may be provided by the Criminal Information Section of the New Jersey State Police (CIU). You can also try to obtain a copy of your files from the relevant judicial or law enforcement institution by making a formal request. The CIU, however, is the best bet for getting a thorough picture of your criminal past (CHRI).

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How Can I Get a Copy of My Criminal Record from the CIU?

Once more, the Criminal Information Unit is where you may get a copy of your criminal history (CIU). You’ll need to fill out a short online form and arrange to have your fingerprints scanned at an NJSP-approved facility before we can provide your data. Your privacy and the integrity of your data will be protected during this procedure. The cost of being fingerprinted is $44.13. Thank you for being so helpful and understanding during this process. You may make a reservation online whenever you like.

Your criminal history record will be sent to the address you select after fingerprinting is complete. A Personal Record Request letter is available for download if a criminal record check returns negative results.

Who Can See My Criminal History and Why?

Anybody with a legitimate curiosity can easily obtain a criminal record and use it in their own research. The following organizations have been given express permission to participate under the controlling statute:

In order to access one’s own criminal history, any individual may do so.

New Jersey state, federal, or other government agency, department, or office for the purpose of employment, licensing, or contracting for government services.

Any individual or non-governmental organization in the United States interested in employing, volunteering with, or otherwise performing services for the subject of the record.

Legal professionals from any jurisdiction who are admitted to practice before federal or state courts or administrative authorities in this jurisdiction.

Private investigators who the Division of State Police has granted a license… for the purpose of gathering evidence to aid in the execution of their statutory duties.

It explains that your record may be released under “any other Federal or state law, regulation, executive order, ordinance, or resolution authorizing its release”. Access to “all records of pending arrests and prosecutions for infractions” may be allowed in addition to conviction records.